Experience Aman in the Caribbean!

Aman hotels are broadly acclaimed as one of the most exclusive hotel brands around the world!  They are methodically designed to frame their natural settings, and are renowned for their breathtaking locations, brilliant designs and offer the utmost privacy.  You will truly feel like you are in your own personal private oasis when staying at an Aman property.  The Luxury Travel Agency highly recommends you visit Amanera, located in the Dominican Republic and then Amanyara, located in Turks & Caicos.  The great thing is there is non-stop flights between these two islands so it’s just a hop, skip & a jump to get from one island to the next!

Start your trip off at Amanera, This Balinese inspired resort has only 25-standalone casitas and is nestled on over 2,100 acres of pristine Caribbean vegetation.  Overlooking the ocean, with magnificent golden sand, it is one of the region’s most beautiful beaches.  Your casita is where you will want to spend most of your time, especially if you book one with a private pool, which The Luxury Travel Agency highly recommends you do.  With floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors you can gave into your oasis of a backyard, truly private and super romantic.

The island boats a wide variety of activities for those seeking adventure as well, including; waterfalls (including waterfall rappelling), ziplining, horseback riding, dune buggy, Cable Car tour, visiting the mangroves, golf, fishing, exploring Dominican history & culture and much more!  You will get the best of both worlds at Amanera as you can tuck yourselves away for the whole trip or get you and enjoy some adventure.

Once you have left Amanera it’s just a short plane ride (just over an hour) head over to the exotic island of Turks & Caicos and stay at Amanyara.  Nestled on over 5,000 acres with 59 stand-alone pavilions and villas this will be the perfect place to end your vacation.  Like other Aman resorts this property also has Balinese influences all throughout the resort.  We would recommend to book one of the pavilions with a pool, offering you the utmost privacy, you will feel like you are staying in the middle of Bali here, so quiet and peaceful.  The rooms are decorated with beautiful wood, cream-colored accents and a beautiful kind size bed that looks into your private yard.  The beach at Amanyara offers you the most exquisite calm and turquoise waters you will ever witness, a great place to get out and enjoy some water activities.  At night you must book a private dinner on the rocks and watch in amazement one of the most spectacular sunsets you will ever get to witness in your life.

Turks & Caicos is a bit more of a quiet island, most of the activities that are offered here will be water activities, with endless possibilities.  Horseback riding here is a must, fulfill your dreams of riding on the beach and into the shallow waters with a backdrop of white sand and turquoise water, Turks & Caicos is one of the best places in the world to offer this unique experience.

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