1. Why should I use The Luxury Travel Agency?

When you work with The Luxury Travel Agency, you are gaining access to over 20 years of luxury travel experience, important travel connections from around the world, access to exclusive tours, hotels, resorts and properties plus, undeniably, the top customer service a traveler could want.

Our professional Luxury Travel Advisors listen to what your idea of an ideal trip is and then by finding out more about you and your likes, our luxury travel advisers can customize a detailed, personalized itinerary for you. Travel should be more then hopping on a plane and going to a hotel or resort. Let our Luxury Travel Advisors plan a special trip, designed around you and your travel dreams.

2. What is the difference between a Travel Agent and a Travel Advisor?

A travel agent recommends hotels and resorts, book flights and makes reservations.

A Travel Advisor, is a professional Travel Expert. Very importantly, they have seen the world, visited many of the properties that they recommend. They find out about you; your likes, dislikes, wants, needs and most importantly, your travel dreams.

A Travel Advisor listens to you and then plans a magical experience arranging all the details from the time you depart for the airport to the time you arrive back home, be it a few days later, a few weeks later even a few months later.

A professional Travel Advisor has the contacts and connections around the world to make your trip seamless and perfect. They design tailored programs and one of a kind experiences for their clients.

Imagine a private tour at your favorite art gallery, or an after-hours visit to a special landmark. You let your Travel Advisor know your dreams and it’s their job to make it happen!

Private Jets and Yachts, Top End Hotels and Resorts, Private Tours, Exclusive Outings… the list goes on, the only thing that limits it is your imagination.

Put our expert Luxury Travel Advisor to the test and wait to be amazed!

3. How do I pay for my reservations and hotel stay?

All hotels and resorts accept most major credit cards (American Express, Visa and MasterCard) and in most cases, payment is made at the end of your stay. In some cases, a deposit may be needed to secure your reservation. In all cases, payment is made directly to the hotel or resort.

4. Are there any other costs or fees?

For simple reservations there is no fee. For more extensive journeys, we plan it all with YOU in mind. Every trip is unique, tailored to YOU. No two trips are ever exactly the same! This type of service requires hours of research, planning and preparation. Therefore, we charge a planning fee, contact us for more details.

5. How do I book a room or suite on your website?

You don’t! The Luxury Travel Agency is not a booking website. We are MUCH more than that! You will work with a seasoned, TICO (see the question below to learn more about TICO) certified Luxury Travel Advisor who will do much more than just book you a room. They will find out about you, your likes and dislikes, what you are hoping to gain from your travels (relaxation, adventure, tours (history, art, culture, etc.), shopping, dining or a little bit of everything. They will help you pick the best room at the best hotel or resort. They will take the work out of planning your travels!

6. What is TICO?

The Travel Industry Council of Ontario, Canada (TICO) is a self-managed, not-for-profit corporation, responsible for administration and enforcement of the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05 on behalf of the Ontario government. The legislation governs all of the approximately 2,500 travel retailers and travel wholesalers registered in Ontario. In addition, TICO administers an industry-financed Travel Compensation Fund.

The Travel Industry Council of Ontario’s mission is to promote a fair and informed marketplace where consumers can be confident in their travel purchases. TICO also supports the mission of the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services to maintain a fair, safe and informed marketplace as it relates to Ontario’s Travel Industry Act, 2002.
TICO accomplishes this through developing high standards and efficient, effective and relevant regulatory mechanisms in areas such as:

• Consumer protection.
• Consumer education and awareness.
• Registration, inspection, supervision and discipline of registrants.
• Investigating and mediating disputes between consumers and registrants.