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The Luxury Travel Agency – Partner Hotels and Resorts

The Luxury Travel Agency has Partner Hotels and Resorts around the world in all the most sought-after destinations. Our Partner Hotels span the spectrum from the best luxury hotel and resort chains (see our list of the chains we partner with) to small, independently owned and operated properties. The one thing they have in common is that they are the best!

If you want to do your own travel planning, you can search our collection of Partner Hotels and Resorts below. Remember, when you book a hotel or resort with The Luxury Travel Agency, we do not charge any fees.


Our prices will be the same or less than the hotel’s website. Plus, if it is one of our Partner Hotels or Resorts, you will receive an array of *FREE amenities and benefits such as:

  • Free Room Upgrade, when available
    • Some chains guarantee an upgrade at time of booking
  • Free Breakfast for two
  • USD 100.00 Food and Beverage, Spa or Hotel Credit
  • Free High-Speed Internet
  • Early Check-In/Late Check-Out, when available
    • Some chains guarantee Early Check-In/Late Check out at time of booking
  • Custom Welcome Amenity
  • VIP Status/Service

If you want to check rates or make a reservation, simply email us with a hotel name and room type you are interested in or request a quote here and we’ll get back to you with a formal quote, listing the price, added amenities, cancellation policy and any other pertinent information.

And remember, with today’s technology, it doesn’t matter where you are! We can easily work together with anyone from anywhere in the world! Let us book your next hotel stay and so you can experience the difference of booking with The Luxury Travel Agency.

*Amenities and benefits vary from property to property.