Private Tours and Activities by The Luxury Travel Agency


Let us arrange a heli-skiing excursion for you!


Hiking Machu Picchu with your trusty llama.


What kind of private tours and activities can we do?

We’ve got your hotels booked and your plane tickets finalized – but what should you do once you’re there?

When you book with The Luxury Travel Agency, flights and hotels are only the beginning; we know the importance of building your itinerary around the very best in guided experiences and exciting activities.

    • VIP Meet and Greet
    • City Tours
    • Activities, tailored to you
    • Photoshoots
    • Restaurant recommendations and reservations
    • Theater Performances, Shows, Concerts and more
    • Sporting Events
    • Cooking Classes
    • Private Shopping Experiences
    • VIP Amusement Park Tickets or Guides
    • Romantic Picnics and Dinners
    • Helicopter Tours and Transfers
    • Private Jets, Private Villas and Private Islands


Let us arrange a private shopping adventure!


Cooking Classes are always a popular experience!


We work closely with you to learn about you and your spouse, partner or family; get to understand everyone’s preferences and we put together a list of potential activities or tours that fit your style, your personality and your budget.

We understand that each person has their own goals for their trip, we work to discover them and quite often we find things that you didn’t even know you were interested in.


Let us arrange a romantic picnic for you.


Private Photo Shoots are a great way to capture the essence of your trip.


Our recommendations are made via firsthand experience, and you can book with total peace of mind, knowing that we’d only arrange activities for you that meet our own quality standards.

Whether it’s an evening of exploring Bangkok’s street food, summiting Machu Picchu with your trusty llama, enjoying a private, luxury picnic or photoshoots in kimonos through old Kyoto, we can transform all your travel dreams into reality.

If it’s on your “bucket list”, we’ll make it happen!

For more information or to start planning your next trip, send us a text or WhatsApp us at +1-647-551-5460, or e-mail at and one of our experienced and knowledgeable travel experts will be happy to guide you to the luxury trip you have always wanted.