Luxury travel is amazing during any time of year, including shoulder season! Peak travel season has come to an end, officially making way for travelers to snag some deals before off season travel kicks in.

Shoulder season is the time right after peak season when travel starts to slow down, usually during spring and autumn. This time period for travel offers the following benefits:

– It’s less expensive than high season, and you’ll have better luck negotiating prices
– The crowds are less, meaning you can save time that would have been spent in lines
– Many tourist attractions are still running, and restaurants are still open, making reservations more accessible to make
– Weather is more favourable since you won’t be traveling during the extreme temperatures
– You will still get plenty of daylight hours

Here is a list of popular destinations, and their average temperatures during October:

Venice, Italy: (19 °C)
Nice, France: (19 °C)
Madrid, Spain: (21 °C)
Marrakech, Morocco: (21 °C)
Santorini, Greece: (22 °C)
Mauritius: (23 °C)
Tenerife, Canary Islands: (22 °C)
Mediterranean resorts: (25 °C)
Bali: (27 °C)
Cancun, Mexico: (27 °C)

For more places that are a great choice to travel to during shoulder season, contact us at The Luxury Travel Agency to speak with an expert advisor! Don’t forget to ask about the amazing amenities you always get when booking with us!