While there are countless ways to spend your summer, few options can equal a classic holiday in southern Europe. The weather is splendid, the cuisine divine, and the options for spending your days truly limitless. Whether it’s a day on the Capri seas or a beach bed on the French Riviera, there’s nothing that matches this region’s elegant summer luxury.

At the time of publication, most countries remain closed for international tourism, but all are gearing up in hopes of opening for the summer season. Greece has set the date of  May 14th as their grand re-opening for all travelers who are vaccinated or test negative prior to travel. Montenegro is already open under the same conditions. Portugal is currently accessible for EU residents, and has a detailed re-opening plan underway, aiming for as few restrictions as possible by May 03rd. These are just a few examples of the plans underway, and things are only getting better!

Southern Europe Holiday

Greece is preparing for a mid-May re-opening – are you ready to visit?

The Luxury Travel Agency can’t wait to get back to southern Europe and enjoy all its treasures. Here are a few spots to keep in mind for your next holiday:

Southern Europe – Romance on the Riviera

When you think of a European summer holiday, what’s the first image that comes to mind? For many, it’s a beach lounger on the sands of southern France or Spain, with a drink in hand and reservations at a fabulous restaurant to look forward to. That this stretch of Mediterranean coastline has been a world-famous holiday destination for decades is no accident. The rich and famous have long been drawn to the French and Spanish Rivieras, with their pleasant climates and proximity to major cities.

Southern Europe Holiday

The French Riviera is beloved worldwide for its beauty

The French Riviera could certainly make a claim as the world’s most desired holiday destination. The names of its cities and towns are synonymous with summertime glitz and glamour. Certain estimates place 50% of the world’s superyachts in the region every summer – that statistic says it all! Cannes plays host to the world’s premier film festival, while Saint-Tropez dazzles with its celebrated beach clubs. The city of Nice offers outstanding artistic treasures, while nearby Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat has earned the nickname, “Peninsula of Billionaires”. And while it’s not technically France, we’d be remiss to omit Monaco, the tiny city-state boasting the world’s highest per capita GDP. If yachts and supercars are your thing, there’s simply nowhere better!

Southern Europe Holiday

Monaco is a whole lot of glitz in a small Mediterranean package

The Spanish Riviera may be just a shade less renowned, but it makes up for it with the beauty of its scenery – not to mention luxury resorts bursting with distinct character. Marbella is a favourite for many, a city offering some of the world’s best golfing and summer nightlife, all along the shores of 23 stunning beaches. Nearby Málaga, the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, balances a rich history and youthful energy. If you choose to venture further out to sea, the Balearic Islands make for an impeccable holiday; Ibiza is a party capital of the world, and Mallorca is the perfect place to rest and recuperate. No matter what you choose, the sun and the seaside make for an unforgettable summer vacation.

Southern Europe

Hidden gems like these make Mallorca a top summer pick

Southern Europe – Amazing Adriatic

While its neighbours to the west garner more acclaim, the countries positioned along the Adriatic Sea have built a growing reputation as premier summer holiday destinations. With its warm, crystal-clear waters and numerous islands and bays to explore, it’s the ideal region for a dreamy getaway. And it’s a little easier to escape the crowds – although with the way its popularity is trending, this may not last for long!

Southern Europe

The beauty of Croatia’s islands must be seen to be believed!

Croatia has burst onto the scene as a summer hotspot with a little bit of everything and a whole lot of breathtaking beauty. With over 1,000 miles of coastline along its mainland portion alone, the opportunities for a seaside holiday are nearly endless. Split is the perfect entry point, Croatia’s second-largest city perched along the shores. Further south, the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik will look familiar to Game of Thrones fans, its gorgeous medieval architecture a perfect fit as the fictional King’s Landing. There are plenty of islands just offshore, each with their own special character; Hvar is the star, but there really isn’t a wrong choice to be made. If you love to spend your days cruising the seas, it’s hard to do better than a holiday in Croatia.

Southern Europe Holiday

Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most iconic cities, a must for any Croatia holiday

Neighbouring Montenegro can’t match Croatia’s islands, but it doesn’t need to – there are so many highlights to enjoy as is. It’s a country with incredible topography, where you can hike through rugged karst mountains and sunbathe on a powdery sand beach in the same day. Tivat is home to a world-class port, stuffed full of luxury shopping and dining. The nearby Bay of Kotor is simply one of the most stunning places you will ever visit, medieval towns and island churches surrounded by sheer mountain slopes. Further south, the beaches around Budva are glorious places to while away a summer day. Montenegro will soon be one of Europe’s most popular destinations – plan your visit before everyone else does!

Southern Europe

The Bay of Kotor is a place that barely seems real

Plans for summer are well underway in southern Europe, and once the borders open, it’s going to be mayhem trying to secure a spot – we strongly encourage planning ahead! Contact our team at The Luxury Travel Agency today to get a head start on your much-anticipated holidays. Now matter how or where you travel, your safety is always our top priority. We’re always up-to-date on everything you need to know!