Luxurious Properties of Canada & USA

Our “Luxurious Properties” series comes to a close right here in our own backyard, with the nations of Canada & the USA. Two massive countries that have plenty in common, yet entirely unique in their national character. Just about every type of environment can be found here, and the opportunities for exploration are unlimited. Let The Luxury Travel Agency be your guide, with six of our favourite luxurious properties highlighted below.

Luxurious Properties: Captivating Coasts

When a country is so large that it borders both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, it’s bound to have a wealth of coastal environments to explore. Both Canada and the USA pride themselves on their extensive coastlines, collectively stretching hundreds of thousands of kilometers from frigid Arctic waters to tropical seas. Travelers of all description are drawn to their magnetic atmosphere – not to mention the plethora of adventures on land and water to enjoy. We start our journey on a remote island off the coast of Canada’s Newfoundland, at a property truly unlike any other: the mesmerizing Fogo Island Inn.

Luxurious Properties in Canada
Fogo Island Inn is a property – and place – that will rekindle wonder in all who visit


Newfoundland is already quite remote – a two-hour flight from Halifax, the nearest major city outside the island – and Fogo Island, off its northern coast, is even more so. A stay here is like a journey back in time, to a dynamic landscape that fills the folds of your brain with wonder and awe. Herds of caribou traverse the cliffs and forests, while pods of whales cruise the bountiful waters, glittering icebergs floating idly past. The Inn itself is an architectural marvel; built on stilts over the rocky shore, it immediately captures the eye, quickly followed by the heart as you step into a room that offers floor-to-ceiling views of the mighty North Atlantic. There is an uncompromising emphasis on local, renewable materials – in fact, the only plastic in guestrooms are the telephones! What’s more, the Inn is a champion of local culture: 100% of operating surpluses are reinvested in the Fogo Island community. For seasoned travelers who feel like they’ve “done it all”, look no further than Fogo Island for your next journey.

If it’s the Pacific you’re after, the sun-splashed Californian coast offers a plethora of luxurious properties that cater to travelers accustomed to the very best. The stretch of Route 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles is one of the world’s finest coastal drives, perfect for an adventure that lacks nothing in luxury. One of our very favourite stops along the way? The romantic Post Ranch Inn, located in the fabled Big Sur region of the state.

Luxurious Properties in California
Escape to the effortlessly romantic Post Ranch Inn


Here is a property that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “room with a view”. Perched on a cliff 1200 feet above the Pacific Ocean, the Inn comprises a gorgeous collection of only 39 rooms, each tailored for maximum enjoyment of the stunning environment. Guests can choose views of either the mountains or the ocean, with wood-burning fireplaces, huge soaking tubs, and expansive private decks just a few of the many available features. Privacy is paramount, making this an ideal place to celebrate honeymoons, anniversaries, or a quick romantic getaway just for the sake of it! California has so much to offer, and there are few better properties to explore it from than the Post Ranch Inn.

Luxurious Properties: Mountain Majesty

While Canada and the USA enjoy unparalleled coastlines, they’re far from being the only geographical feature worth seeing. Both nations are split down their western flank by staggering mountain ranges, chief among them the Rockies, which run from northern British Columbia all the way down to New Mexico. These are some of the largest mountains in the world, and while they may have been a barrier to human progress until recently, their potential as a travel destination has never been more widely recognized. In particular, the town of Aspen, Colorado has emerged in recent decades as a favourite for the international jet-set, a place of exceptional status and luxury. Several five-star properties are on offer – perhaps the most unique of them all is The Little Nell.

Luxurious Properties in Aspen
It doesn’t get more quintessentially Aspen than The Little Nell


In a town like Aspen, where just about everything is high-end, it’s often the details that make the difference. In this regard, The Little Nell is a prime example. It’s the only ski-in/ski-out property in town – and while other options offer complimentary shuttles, there’s nothing quite like finishing a run right at the front door of your hotel. Dining options are first-class; the property even has its own brand of champagne, which this author can attest to being one of the finest he’s ever enjoyed! Wagyu beef is always on the menu at Element 47, and the après-ski options at Ajax Tavern are perfectly cultivated to match the unbeatable people-watching from the mountainside patio. If you’re looking for the archetype of Aspen, look no further than The Little Nell.

Further north, the Canadian province of British Columbia boasts a treasure chest of natural wonders: sparkling coastlines, old-growth forests, and cities that offer some of the world’s best living conditions. Yet it’s their mountains that often take center stage – and for good reason. The most famous in the set is Whistler-Blackcomb, which spans two massive mountains and lays claim to the title of North America’s largest ski resort. The opportunities for adventure here are truly endless – and when it’s time for a rest, The Four Seasons Resort Whistler is the place to lay your head.

The Luxury Travel Agency loves this luxurious property
You’ll feel right at home in these residential-style alpine suites


If your ski holiday is going well, you won’t spend a ton of time in your room – but when you do, it needs to be spacious and comfortable, a place to unwind from the day’s adventures. The Four Seasons Whistler does an impeccable job of creating that cozy atmosphere; every room has wood furnishings and working fireplaces, with most outfitted with a private balcony as well. The feel is residential – you feel as if you’re enjoying your own private chalet, rather than another hotel room. And if you really do want your own chalet, you can have it! An elite handful of “Private Retreats”, from two to four bedrooms each, offer the ultimate in alpine luxury living: in-residence chefs, house cars, hot tubs, all backed by sweepings views of the mountains. No matter what you want from a ski vacation, the Four Seasons Resort Whistler can deliver.

Luxurious Properties: Big-City Bravado

Of course, a trip to North America is never complete without a stay in one of the dynamic, exciting major cities that dot the continent. Both Canada and the USA are home to some of the world’s best urban centers, places that infuse a wave of contemporary energy into their cuisine and culture, ensuring that no two visits are the same! New York City is the epitome of this frenzied hubbub, as the “city that never sleeps” more than earns its reputation as the HQ for the cutting edge. It’s this innovative mentality that leads us to a brand-new luxurious property, the first of its kind: the Equinox Hotel, New York City.

Luxurious Properties in NY
The stunning rooftop terrace is just one of the Equinox Hotel’s slick features


If you know anything about modern fitness, you’ve heard of the Equinox brand, which has blossomed from a simple set of gyms to a global leader in branded wellness. In their first hotel opening (located within the brand-new Hudson Yards development in West Manhattan), the company are aiming to create a true intersection between luxury accommodation and lifestyle. This is the face of contemporary energy in NYC – a place where you can sweat through a world-class personal training session, watch the sun set from a gorgeous rooftop terrace, enjoy five-star Mid-Atlantic dining on the 24th floor, and retire to a totally soundproof  high-tech room where every feature is designed for maximum rejuvenation. A classic hotel, this is not – this is the hotel of the future.

We finish in The Luxury Travel Agency’s hometown of Toronto, Canada’s largest and most vibrant city. Its international reputation continues to bloom, with a marked emphasis on multiculturalism that encourages unprecedented collaboration between the city’s many communities. It’s an exciting time to be here, and the rapid growth seen throughout Toronto extends to the luxury sector, where new hotels continue to spring into existence – including one of our personal favorites, The St. Regis Toronto.

Luxurious Properties in Toronto
Louix Louis is a must-dine destination for visitors and locals alike!


The globally celebrated brand makes its Canadian debut in Toronto with a distinctively elegant property, one that is already in the conversation for the nation’s finest urban hotel. Rooms and suites are crisply decorated in shades of white, grey, and blue that epitomize tasteful modernity. The signature restaurant Louix Louis is a sight to behold; perched 31 floors above the heart of Toronto, it’s designed to resemble “the inside of a glistening crystal whiskey glass”. With liberal use of polished gold and a two-storey bar, it’s hard to argue against the concept’s successful execution. Don’t miss the champagne sabering that takes place every evening at 6:00 in the Astor Lounge, a tradition dating back to the days of Napoléon Bonaparte and his conquering French armies. For the perfect marriage of style and substance, The St. Regis Toronto is an exceptional choice.

These and countless other luxurious properties can be found in The Luxury Travel Agency’s Partner Hotel network. At all of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, we’ll provide you with unbeatable rates, along with completely free benefits such as room upgrades, daily breakfast, dining credits, VIP experiences, late check-outs, priority status, and so much more! All for simply booking with The Luxury Travel Agency.

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Luxurious Properties of the Middle East

The Middle East is a region that has always held immense cultural, spiritual, and intellectual importance, an intercontinental trade hub for thousands of years. Today’s world owes much to the people and practices that have come from this slice of the globe – and yet, it may be the future that the Middle East exerts even greater influence upon. Traveling here is an exercise in both experiences: partaking in rich, ancient cultures that have their thumb firmly on the pulse of the modern era. The Middle East has a great deal to explore, and The Luxury Travel Agency is here to show you some of its best!

Luxurious Properties: Coast is Calling

While first-time tourists to the Middle East might entertain visions of endless sand, the real luxury living is found along the coasts of the region, which boast palatial properties that rival anywhere in the world. The bulk of these are located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, where cities like Dubai, Kuwait City, and Doha overlook the shimmering waters. The Abu Dhabi area in particular is a hotbed of luxurious coastal properties, the city’s many islands providing plenty of opportunities for resorts that combine idyllic seaside locations with proximity to the downtown core. One of these is among The Luxury Travel Agency’s very favorites: The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort.

Luxurious Properties in Middle East
There’s no shortage of beachfront at this stunning resort!


A mere half-hour drive from the airport, The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort is a beacon of the elevated coastal lifestyle. The property is fronted by an expansive private beach of pristine white sand, and you’d be forgiven for doing nothing other than lying on your beach chair all day, waited on by the unflaggingly attentive staff. If you do manage to peel yourself away from the gentle waves, there’s plenty more to enjoy. The resort boasts no less than six restaurants and lounges, highlighted by Sontaya, which offers refined Southeast Asian cuisine served in pavilions that seem to float over a series of interconnected pools. Buddha-Bar Beach is a sizzling hotspot for socialites, where mouthwatering fusion plates, eye-catching cocktails, and expertly curated tunes all come together in the world’s very first permanent destination under the brand. Simply put, if you’re in Abu Dhabi, there’s no better choice than this Saadiyat Island address.

While less heralded than its UAE neighbour, the country of Oman is rapidly growing in stature as a top-tier destination, particularly for those travelers on the hunt for new and unique experiences. The capital city of Muscat is a mere hour’s flight from Dubai, and just twenty minutes from the airport lies what we consider one of the best resorts in the entire region: The Chedi Muscat.

The Luxury Travel Agency loves this luxurious property
The Chedi Muscat is the ideal hideaway in which to relax – and reflect


This elegant property unfurls along nearly half a kilometre of totally private beachfront, behind which a five-star oasis blooms. Twenty-one acres offer guests all the privacy they’ll need to enjoy their stay, with three swimming pools (including the stunning 103-metre Long Pool) providing contrast to the lush gardens that wind throughout the resort. Rooms and suites are similarly spaced out, to give each guest a sense of freedom as if the resort is entirely theirs to enjoy. The Luxury Advisors on our team particularly recommend the Chedi Club Suites – built more like villas – which boast panoramic views nearly impossible to tear away from. Don’t leave without a trip to the 13-suite Spa, which utilizes time-honoured eastern holistic practices to revitalize one’s mind, body, and soul. The Chedi Muscat is an exercise in Omani luxury that should not be missed.

Luxurious Properties: Desert Dreams

Many of Dubai’s visitors opt for beachfront accommodations – there certainly isn’t a shortage of options here. But if you’re a traveler that likes to zig where others zag, exploring the enchanting beauty of the surrounding deserts can be an even more rewarding experience. After all, so much of the Arabian mythos is born from the sand, out of which stories, legends, and even fundamental beliefs all rise. For an ultra-luxurious property within an hour’s drive of the city, there’s no better pick than the Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert.

Luxurious Properties in UAE
Experience the ultimate in desert romance here in the Al Wadi Reserve


As with all Ritz-Carlton properties, an exceptional standard of service is expected – and delivered. What makes this resort unique is its location. Nestled within a 1,235-acre protected nature reserve, the Ras Al Khaimah property will change the way you think about the desert, with activity options both expected and surprising! Guests can saddle up camels or horses for exploratory rides, feed the resident oryx, or try their hand at archery and falconry, both essential Bedouin pursuits. The villas are nothing short of sprawling – the smallest category checking in at 158 square meters – with private pools essential for beating the heat. The larger villas combine a traditional tented shape with swanky modern design; you’ll truly feel like desert royalty! Staying at this property is a great way to balance out a few days of busy shopping & dining in Dubai – and an excellent choice all on its own.

Over in neighboring Oman, a special property awaits those in the know, at a place where the striking desert mountains descend into the sea. This is the Six Senses Zighy Bay, one of the country’s most remarkable resorts and one with the ability to surprise and delight even the most seasoned travelers.

The Luxury Travel Agency loves this Oman property
Talk about arriving in style!


They say first impressions count, and at the Six Senses Zighy Bay, that sentiment is taken to heart. Arriving guests have the option to stop at the edge of the mountain pass, harness up with a pilot, and paraglide into the resort! The Al Hajar mountains and the Gulf of Oman unfold before you as you float down from nearly a thousand feet up. Once you’re there, your options are endless: land-goers can hike through endless trails and explore the villages of Dibba, while seafarers can kayak, sail, or even snorkel through the shimmering waters of the Gulf. Accommodation leaves nothing to be desired; villas are constructed with natural stone that seem to emerge from the very mountains, with private pools accompanying everyone. No matter what kind of holiday you’re after, the Six Senses Zighy Bay can provide it in spades.

Luxurious Properties: Downtown Delights

Although it might be a tiny peninsular country, Qatar has an outsized reputation on the global stage – its national airline is widely recognized as one of the world’s best, and the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup is sure to attract billions of eyeballs to the nation. The capital city of Doha, long a glorified fishing village, has been transformed into one of the world’s most exciting metropolises, with state-of-the-art developments popping up faster than one might believe possible. It’s a city with increasing amounts of clout, leading the way into a vision of the future – and its best new address, the Park Hyatt Doha, is a perfect emblem of this mentality.

Luxurious Properties in Qatar
The two-story Spa at the Park Hyatt Doha is one of the world’s finest


To start, the hotel is located within the Msheireb Downtown Doha, which claims to be, “the world’s first downtown regeneration project”. The entire 31-hectare district aims to nail the twin achievements of modern style and “green” living – something the Park Hyatt embraces in full. Everything at the hotel is dressed to impress: the room décor is crisp, the dining is first-class (check out the 21st-floor views from the Japanese venue Sora), and the spa is truly something to behold, occupying a full two floors (one for men, another for women). Doha is a city unlike any other, and the Park Hyatt is your home from which to take it all in.

We couldn’t finish this piece without highlighting the actual city of Dubai, which has emerged as a truly global metropolis. There’s a hotel for every traveler here, no matter your style or sensibilities, and new options seem to pop up all the time. We at The Luxury Travel Agency tend to favour those properties that make you forget about the urban sprawl, oases among the concrete streets – and one of this city’s very best is the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai.

Luxurious Properties in Dubai
The Lobby is just the beginning of a sensory journey at the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira


Here is a property that gives you the best of everything: a beachfront location in the heart of the city, a new build that dazzles at every turn. The décor marries Arabian opulence with subtle eastern touches that result in an eye-catching style. Rooms and suites offer either striking skyline views or unblemished panoramas of the Gulf, with private balconies and an abundance of space to relax in comfort. Fancy a meal from one of Europe’s most exciting chefs? Stop in at Tasca, the first international opening from José Avillez, whose restaurant Belcanto was Lisbon’s first to earn two Michelin stars. Perhaps something closer to the beach? The Bay is a brasserie so close to the sands that you could nearly have your feet buried in them. There’s even Beluga, a restaurant dedicated exclusively to caviar – the only one in Dubai! In a city stuffed to the gills with luxury, the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira manages to stand out as a cut above the rest.  

The very best of the Middle East is represented in The Luxury Travel Agency’s peerless Partner Hotel network. At all of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, we’ll provide you with the very lowest rates you’ll ever find, along with complimentary benefits such as room upgrades, daily breakfast, spa credits, gourmet dining experiences, late check-outs, and so much more! All for simply booking with The Luxury Travel Agency.

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Luxurious Properties of Mexico

The early days of Mexican tourism were one-dimensional: most saw travel there as an opportunity for cheap food and drinks to enjoy on the beach. While the beaches are as glorious as ever – and prices are still kind to travelers wallets – the country has blossomed into a destination for all seasons, a land of historic intrigue, immense culinary appeal, and expansive natural beauty that runs the gamut from desert to sea. The Luxury Travel Agency has spent more and more time in Mexico, and every time we return, we find more to love! Below are a handful of our favourite luxurious properties to plan a trip around.

Luxurious Properties – Peninsular Paradise

The shining star of Mexican tourism has long been the collection of beachfront resorts on the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean Sea. Everyone’s heard of Cancún, but the city is merely a gateway to the ultra-luxurious properties that dot the coastline. You don’t have to go far to find the first on our list, a mere fifteen-minute drive from the Cancún Airport: the impossibly picturesque NIZUC Resort & Spa.

Luxurious Properties in Cancun
Just minutes from the airport, NIZUC guests will have their toes in the sand in no time!


Here is a property that was recently voted to be, “The Most Instagrammable Hotel in the World” – if that doesn’t draw you in, nothing will! The resort is built with the finest in modern comfort, injected with a distinctly Mayan style that renders its overall aesthetic completely unique. The best example of this might be its 30,000-square-foot ESPA wellness center, the first of its kind in the region. Ancient Mayan principles are imbedded in contemporary techniques, producing treatments which not only do wonders for your mind and body, but connect your soul to this amazing environment and a tradition hundreds of years old. Six fantastic restaurants offer a vast range of culinary delicacies, from exceptional Peruvian small plates to wood-fired Italian pizzas and everything in between. There are few resorts in the world that marry this level of quality with airport proximity – NIZUC is certainly one not to miss.

Less than an hour south along the coast, travelers will find a property that lays claim to being not only Mexico’s best, but one of the finest the world over – a claim it has no trouble backing up. The Rosewood Mayakoba is a sprawling haven of tropical luxury, set within a 620-acre resort enclave that offers the ultimate in privacy and security for its guests. This resort is a world within a world, an oasis of lagoons and soft white sand – the type of place to get lost in, and never want to be found!

The Luxury Travel Agency loves this luxurious property
Lagoon Suites at the Rosewood are impeccably designed – perfect romantic hideaways


The property’s 129 suites begin with gorgeous units built over the winding lagoons, and work their way up to the beachfront accommodations, where guests can stroll off their expansive wooden terraces right onto the inviting sands. There are few resorts more romantic than the Rosewood; the lush jungles surrounding your expansive suite, the inviting personal plunge pools, the all-encompassing sense of seclusion that puts mind and body at ease. And while this magical atmosphere might make it difficult – if not impossible – to venture off the property, there are more than enough reasons for doing so. History lovers will marvel at the staggering Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá and Ek Balam, while those with an explorer’s mind will jump at the chance to swim in the nearby cenotes, water-filled caves that were sacred to the Mayans. A truly special honeymoon journey through the Americas should undoubtedly have this property on the itinerary!

Luxurious Properties – Lovely Los Cabos

While Mexico’s east coast was the first to gain worldwide fame, it’s the Pacific side which may soon wrest away the mantle of the country’s premier place to be. The Baja California Peninsula juts down from the mainland, an immense spike with ocean on both sides, ripe for luxury travel, its hotspots less “all-inclusive package” and more “those-in-the-know”. Chief among these is the municipality of Los Cabos, occupying the very southern tip of the peninsula. This is where the Mexican Pacific’s best of the best are found, including the Montage Los Cabos, a luxurious property in every sense of the word.

Luxurious Properties in Cabo
It’s a desert-meets-sea aesthetic at the Montage Los Cabos


On the Baja Peninsula, the jungles of the Gulf Coast give way to a much different environment – think southern California with gratuitous helpings of seafood and mezcal. The Montage’s 39 acres and everything upon it bring this energy to life. The property’s signature restaurant (itself called Mezcal, appropriately) reinvents time-honoured Mexican practices into a brilliant menu of creative, modern dishes. The terrain here, much more accessible than the Gulf side, offers guests the opportunity to explore on mountain bikes, ATVs, and even enjoy a night of exclusive glamping! On the water, there are just as many adventures: surfers are blessed with an extensive range of surf breaks, while those with an underwater bent will adore snorkeling and diving at Cabo Pulmo, a world-class coral reef. The Montage Los Cabos is a property with a little bit of something for everyone!

Half an hour south along the coast, mere minutes from the pulsing heart of Cabo San Lucas, lies the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. This luxurious property enjoys a cliffside location that provides guests with extraordinary views of the Pacific Ocean. Every single room category here is equipped with an expansive terrace and a private plunge pool – after all, what good is a million-dollar view if you can’t properly enjoy it?

Luxurious Properties in Mexico
Clifftop perches provide Mexico’s best views at the Waldorf!


For those who are always keen to be in the midst of the action, the Waldorf Astoria Pedregal is the property for you. Downtown Cabo, with its shopping, dining, and all-night parties, is a mere ten-minute drive from the resort – there are no finer luxury options so close to the heart of the region. Yet guests on the property will feel a world away from hustle and bustle. Perched on one of the largest and most brilliant beaches on Cabo, it’s easy to while your days away in complete tranquility; no less than four pools (not including the one in your room) course through the grounds, while the Spa’s ten private rooms host treatments inspired by the lunar phases – a true Mexican tradition. Whether you’re in Cabo to enjoy the nightlife or to escape it, the Waldorf Astoria provides the exceptional best of both worlds.

Luxurious Properties – Cultural Cornerstones

Of course, Mexico is more – much more – than a collection of beautiful beaches. A few hours north of Mexico City, high above sea level in the country’s center, lies the enchanting city of San Miguel de Allende. Populated by indigenous peoples before the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century, this is a region with ancient history and the cultural weight to show it off. San Miguel has long been a haven for artists, its architecture and galleries exuding a unique blend of timeless Mexican principles with streaks of foreign influence. Painters, sculptors, musicians, writers – all have been inspired by, and in turn inspire, the very fabric of the city. San Miguel’s cultural clout has given rise to a number of luxurious properties that do an impeccable job of creating a “sense of place” – perhaps none better than the Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada.

Luxurious Properties in San Miguel
You can hear the history echoing from every corner of the Belmond’s historic walls


A collection of 17th & 18th-century buildings, the Casa is a gorgeous hideaway for savvy visitors to San Miguel de Allende. With only 37 rooms and suites, there are no monolithic structures or super-sized towers to ruin the vibe; instead, guests are encouraged to explore the courtyards and gardens, beguiling surprises at every turn. In the spirit of the city’s artistic inclinations, no two rooms are alike. Stone fireplaces, private libraries, breezy terraces – this property is full of treasures, and acts as a perfect balance to the coastal brilliance of Mexico’s more well-known locales.

Finally, one cannot – or at least, should not – complete a trip to Mexico without a stay in the sprawling exuberance of the nation’s capital, Mexico City. For locals, the city has always been a place of power, the center of all things political, cultural, intellectual. Its international reputation has taken some time to catch up; today, Mexico City has emerged as a true destination in itself, a can’t-miss capital for travelers with a thirst for the best. There are plenty of hotels to pick from, but one that The Luxury Travel Agency can’t recommend highly enough is The St. Regis Mexico City.

Luxurious Properties in Mexico City
The light-splashed Diana Restaurant is just one of the St. Regis’ fantastic features


The hotel has long enjoyed a glittering array of awards and recognition from industry critics, and guests will understand why from the moment they arrive. Soaring interiors give way to plush rooms and suites, each offering floor-to-ceiling views of the fabled city. Everything is done in impeccable taste, with sleek furnishings complementing a thoroughly modern style that resonates throughout the building. Mexico City is known as a destination of endless culinary delights, but you may have trouble straying from the offerings under your own roof; a mouthwatering array of options is highlighted by La Table Krug, an intimate jewel where the chef’s best dishes are built into an eight-course menu, all paired with the world-famous Krug champagne. For your stay in the nation’s capital, there is no better address to consider!

These and the rest of Mexico’s incredible properties are part of The Luxury Travel Agency’s unmatched Partner Hotel network. At all of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, we’ll provide you with the very lowest rates available anywhere, along with free benefits such as room upgrades, daily breakfast, exclusive experiences, dining credits, VIP status, and so much more! All this simply for booking with The Luxury Travel Agency.

We can help with everything from a simple hotel or resort booking to complete travel planning, including yacht and private jet charters, villas, and more! Contact us today via Whatsapp or telephone at +1-647-551-4560 and let’s start planning your next trip.


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Luxurious Properties of the Caribbean

Corals and cobalt seas, palm trees and powdery sand – the Caribbean has long held sway over travelers’ imaginations. There are all-day adventures for those with an active streak, and plenty of beaches to spend your entire trip lounging upon. With such a variety of islands, there’s something for everyone. The Luxury Travel Agency has a long history of travels in the Caribbean, both for ourselves and others; we’d love to plan your next journey there!

Luxurious Properties: Lucayan Luxury

With their proximity to mainland USA, the Bahamas have long been a preferred island escape for sun-seeking travelers. The capital city of Nassau is a mere hour’s flight from Miami, a gateway to the 700 islands that make up the nation. This plethora of choice makes it easy to find the perfect property for your travel desires – no matter where you end up, the magical coral reefs and some of the globe’s clearest ocean waters will certainly capture your senses. There’s no better resort to enjoy this from than the Rosewood Baha Mar.

Luxurious Properties in the Bahamas
A lush hideaway at the Rosewood Baha Mar


Situated a speedy 10-minute drive from the Nassau Airport, the Rosewood is the third (and by far most exclusive) property in the sweeping Baha Mar complex. Guests can enjoy the facilities at the other two resorts, but the comfort and elegance of the Rosewood property will almost certainly render that unnecessary! Rooms and suites are done in crisp cream and tan shades, with distinctly Bahamian artistic touches that complement the décor rather than control it; there is a strong sense of place here. The property enjoys a premium position along Cable Beach, widely acknowledged as one of the Bahamas’ best. Diners have plenty of choice, from bright coastal Mexican dishes to an elevated “fish shack” placed right on the white sand, but a secret standout is The Library, with a gorgeous design best enjoyed alongside late-afternoon cocktails and treats after a day in the sun.

Further southeast, the Lucayan Archipelago terminates in the Turks & Caicos Islands. The lesser-known cousin of the Bahamas, these islands are even more laid-back and exclusive, with some of the world’s most inviting beaches and the third-largest barrier reef to explore. The main island of Providenciales has plenty of excellent central dining opportunities, but make no mistake: this is a place to get away from it all, and align yourself firmly with “island time”. And when you’re looking for an ultra-luxurious hideaway, the property of choice has to be Amanyara.

The Luxury Travel Agency loves this luxurious property
The serene atmosphere of Amanyara is unmatched in the Caribbean


While most of the island’s resorts are located along its eastern flank, Amanyara was built on the western shore, with an abundance of space and privacy for its guests. Accommodation consists of standalone Pavilions and Villas, all of which embody the finest in indoor/outdoor living, with multiple terraces and floor-to-ceiling glass windows for squeezing every drop from the surrounding splendor. Many have private pools, and certain categories provide direct access to the stunning blue waters below; the resort itself contains a one-kilometre private beach that rivals any competitor in the Caribbean. The underwater ecosystem of the surrounding Marine Park is one of the region’s most diverse, and whether you choose to explore it above the water’s surface (on a catamaran or fishing boat) or below (think snorkelling or scuba diving expeditions), you’ll find no end to the aquatic treasures that await.

Luxurious Properties: Great(er) Antilles

Moving south, we get into the Caribbean proper, with a set of larger islands known as the Greater Antilles. Included here are several of the most well-known island nations, such as Cuba and Jamaica, but The Luxury Travel Agency would like to highlight one of their smaller neighbors: the Cayman Islands. While technically made up of three islands, virtually all of the action takes place on Grand Cayman, the largest. Here, travelers can enjoy a palette of fantastic living, dining, and activity options, all set along the world-famous Seven Mile Beach which fringes the west coast. There are plenty of excellent properties to pick from, but a new contender for the island’s best is the Kimpton Seafire, a trendy modern addition to the Cayman scene.

Luxurious Properties in Grand Cayman
The striking central pool welcomes guests to a vibrant new resort with plenty to offer


Passerby on the beach can’t help but stop and marvel at the massive central pool, which winds its way through beautiful gardens and sets the tone for the rest of the resort. Every room has a private balcony from which to enjoy the ever-shifting blues and greens of the Caribbean Sea, and standalone bungalows provide oodles of space for family or friends. Splashes of bright colour inject just enough energy into the décor without pushing it into the realm of tacky. Dining is a true highlight at Seafire: Avecita offers delectable Spanish-style tapas at a Chef’s counter, while Coccoloba is one of the island’s few restaurants situated directly on top of Seven Mile Beach’s pristine sands. There’s no better place for a Caribbean sunset!

As we travel further east into the Atlantic, we come to the island of Puerto Rico. A U.S. territory, Puerto Rico displays a unique mix of Spanish, American, and Caribbean influences that set the island apart from its neighbors. The historic district of Old San Juan is stuffed with brightly colored buildings and cobblestone streets, with ancient forts and romantic restaurants side by side. The atmosphere is a special one, not to be missed – yet with the quality of luxurious properties here, leaving your resort might prove difficult! One of The Luxury Travel Agency’s favorite properties in the entire world calls Puerto Rico home: we’re talking about Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

The Luxury Travel Agency's favourite Puerto Rico property
Suite living rooms open onto sunbeds, plunge pools, gardens, and the ocean beyond


There are only a handful of Ritz-Carlton Reserve properties across the globe – each is the epitome of an “exotic sanctuary”, with dedicated butler service, elevated experiences, and a strong sense of place. The Dorado Beach resort is no exception. The property underwent a complete renovation after Hurricane Maria’s 2017 landfall, and the results are truly spectacular. Suites and “Reserves” are plenty spacious – the smallest is nearly a thousand square feet – all of which are located on or near the resort’s private beaches, with stunning ocean views. Accommodation is split into East and West Beaches; we recommend the West Beach, with closer proximity to the best spots for ocean swimming. Activity options are seemingly endless, highlighted by the “Bioluminescent Bay Experience”, where guests can kayak through nighttime waters and watch as the plankton light up in vivid incandescence all around you! Their signature restaurant COA has Puerto Rico’s largest wine cellar…need we say more?

Luxurious Properties: Lovely Leewards

Past the Greater Antilles, the islands of the Caribbean get smaller, and start to bend south in a crescent shape. The first handful of these, known as the Leeward Islands, are some of the most exclusive in the region. Anguilla is among their number – a Caribbean postcard personified, with soft powdery sands and swaying palms. This is another excellent candidate for a true hideaway holiday, with the island largely avoiding the crush of mass tourism that plagues some of its neighbors. The place to do it? None other than the Four Seasons Resort and Residences, Anguilla.

Luxurious Properties in Anguilla
Elevated dining – quite literally – with unbroken views of Anguilla’s seas


A relatively new build (opened in fall 2016), the Four Seasons Anguilla occupies a privileged position near the western tip of the island. Buildings rise above the sand in clean whites, their interiors complemented by smooth cream shades that seem to invite the sunshine in. Ocean-View Suites are excellent for honeymooners – the rooftop option especially – while standalone multi-bedroom Villas are unmatched for a family vacation. Soft ocean breezes caress the wide-open spaces of the resort, whether it be the casual Half Shell Beach Bar framed by gorgeous natural wood or the signature restaurant Salt overlooking the water from its blufftop perch. The resort employs a “Spa Everywhere” concept; what better way to unwind than a personal salt scrub at a seaside cabana? You’ll leave Anguilla infinitely refreshed and ready to take on the world.

If Anguilla is the place to get away from it all, it’s southern neighbor – Saint Barthélemy, commonly known as St. Bart’s – is the opposite. This is the haunt of socialites and starlets, a place to see and be seen while still enjoying the laid-back Caribbean vibes. Travel to the island is a bit tricky – the only direct flight would be a private charter, enhancing its exclusivity – but once you’re there, you’ll be in no rush to leave. All the world’s best luxury brands have boutiques here, and the beach parties are peerless. The island is no more than a 20-minute drive from tip to tail; spend a day with the top down in a rental convertible, and you can explore all of its 16 beaches and countless treasures. There are no shortage of extraordinarily luxurious properties on St. Bart’s, but for elegant romance, the Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France is impossible to beat.

The Luxury Travel Agency loves this St Bart property
Cheval Blanc’s Beach Suites are a design lover’s dream


The only property in the Caribbean to hold the ultra-exclusive Palace designation, Cheval Blanc St-Barth sits on the northwest end of the island, along one of St. Bart’s longest and most tranquil beaches. Everything here is done in impeccable taste: the sprawling white suites with expansive terraces, the seaside cuisine enjoyed in sumptuous wicker chairs, the sailing yachts for cruising the sparkling seas. The Cheval Blanc brand prides itself on exceptional service; a team of “Alchemists” are on your doorstep at a moment’s notice, ready to create any kind of experience you wish (and even some you might have never thought of!). It’s the very best in romantic travel – and when you’re ready to party, Nikki Beach is eight minutes away.

Each of these delightful properties are part of The Luxury Travel Agency’s elite Partner Hotel network, with all of the Caribbean’s best resorts as members.  At all of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, we can offer unbeatable rates along with complimentary benefits such as room upgrades, daily breakfast, exclusive experiences, spa credits, VIP status, and so much more! All this simply for booking with The Luxury Travel Agency.

We can help with everything from a simple hotel or resort booking to complete travel planning, including yacht and private jet charters, villas, and more! Contact us today via Whatsapp or telephone at +1-647-551-4560 and let’s start planning your next trip.


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The LTA Presents: Luxurious Properties

The Luxury Travel Agency is proud to work with the very best luxurious properties from all around the globe. Every continent has something to offer the discerning traveler, and in today’s connected era, nowhere is off the map! From the valleys of South America to the peaks of the Himalayas and everywhere in between, we have a partner property that is perfectly suited to you.

Luxurious Properties – Fabulous Far East

For many travelers, the lands to the east have long held a sense of fascination and exotic wonder. The immense cultural weight of Japan, Korea, and China; the intoxicating beauty of the Southeast Asia peninsula; the far-flung adventure promised by Oceania. This is a part of the world more popular than ever for visitors, and for good reason. Check out our Luxurious Properties articles on Asia and Oceania, and let the destination experts at The Luxury Travel Agency guide you on a journey you won’t soon forget!

Luxurious Properties in Asia
The splendid spring blooms of Japan are just one of countless reasons to head east


Luxurious Properties: Old World Wonders

Europe has thrived for centuries as a continent where vastly different places and people co-exist side by side – something which has always made it an alluring destination. While not often realized by the casual traveler, the same could be said of Africa: an ancient land with incredible diversity in its landscapes and cultures. Of course, their differences are numerous, and make for completely different travel experiences. Take a peek at our Luxurious Properties articles on Europe and Africa to kick-start your plans for your next adventure!

Luxurious Properties in Africa
Zebras beside the infinity pool – where else but Africa?


Luxurious Properties: Amazing Americas

While the Americas and Caribbean might be known as the “New World”, their appeal is anything but. South America offers a vivacious mix of dynamic cities and untouched landscapes, while the shimmering seas of the Caribbean are postcard-perfect in every way. Mexico is a land of music and mouthwatering cuisine, while its northern neighbours condense every imaginable environment into a pair of top-notch nations. Read more about our Luxurious Properties in South America,  Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada & the USA, and contact our expert Travel Advisors to chat about making your travel dreams come true!

Luxurious Properties in the Caribbean
Here in the Caribbean, its all about the views!


A little bit about The Luxury Travel Agency.  We are a boutique agency based in Toronto which specializes in luxury travel. We can do anything from a simple hotel booking to complete Trip Consultation and Planning. We partner with over 2,000 of the best luxury hotels and resorts around the world which means we can offer our clients an array of added amenities and benefits such as:

  • Room Upgrade when available
  • Daily Full Breakfast, up to two guests
  • USD 100 Hotel Credit 
  • Early Check-In/Late Check-Out, when available
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Custom Welcome Amenity
  • VIP Status

The amenities and benefits vary from property to property, but we always do our best to get you the most value for your money and make sure your stay is as perfect as possible. 

Contact us for more details.

Luxurious Properties of South America

South America is a land of extremes: lush tropical rainforests and windswept alpine peaks, glittering beaches and rugged interiors, bustling cities and empty endless plains. This is a continent chock-full of destinations rising to international prominence; a few years from now, you might be wondering why you didn’t travel there earlier! The Luxury Travel Agency’s love for South America continues to grow, and we’d love to share some of our favourite places and properties with you.

Luxurious Properties – Jungles & Valleys

When you think of South America, the first image that comes to mind is often the jungle. And for good reason: the Amazon rainforest is Earth’s largest, representing over half of all that remain in the world today. One in ten known species call the Amazon home, a degree of biodiversity unmatched around the globe, and this doesn’t even account for the continent’s other jungles! In a rapidly urbanizing world, a journey to these rainforests offers an opportunity to reconnect with an ancient landscape – one with unquantifiable value that must be preserved at all costs.

Luxurious Properties in Rainforest
In the heart of the jungle at eco-friendly Mashpi Lodge


For a luxury experience in the heart of the jungle, there are few choices that can best the Mashpi Lodge. One of National Geographic’s “Unique Lodges of the World”, Mashpi is perched high in the treetops of Ecuador’s Chocó-Andean forest, nearly a full kilometre above sea level. We really do mean the treetops; the floor-to-ceiling windows of your room are eye-level with the upper reaches of towering flora, providing an unbeatable view into the life of the jungle’s creatures. The sounds of the jungle are even clearer from the open-air terrace, a favourite perch for birdwatchers, who are treated to magnificent displays from the 400 species found here (35 of which live nowhere else). Explorations abound at Mashpi Lodge: guests can enjoy unique jungle viewpoints on open-air gondolas and “sky bikes” that have been custom-built for unparalleled access to the rainforest. A day of waterfall treks and a night of sleeping in the clouds – what more can an adventurer ask for?

Of course, the wealth of South America is not only biological; cultural treasures abound. Most travelers will recognize Peru’s Machu Picchu as a site of outstanding importance – as they should – but its remote location should encourage visitors to make a longer trip out of their journey, and enjoy the striking environment they find themselves in. Machu Picchu overlooks the Sacred Valley, the heartland of the Inca Empire which once ruled the area. Here, the Urubamba River is flanked by mountains of staggering size, with agricultural terraces sustaining those who still inhabit the valley. It’s a magnificent destination, and The Luxury Travel Agency has fallen in love with the Sol y Luna property which calls the valley home.

Luxurious Properties in Peru
Escape to a world of breathtaking wonder at Sol y Luna


While Mashpi is found in the treetops, Sol y Luna is actually much higher above sea level – three times, to be exact – and your experience there reflects the difference. Up in the thin alpine air, the colours are bolder, the wind cleaner, the sunsets more dazzling. Horseback riding is a popular pastime, while mountain biking, kayaking, and even parasailing over the snow-capped peaks can be enjoyed. The property itself is built in a traditional Peruvian style, with an emphasis on local touches. Low stone houses with terra cotta roofs welcome guests into a cozy space with original Peruvian art and working fireplaces that warm your toes during the cool nights. Rather than keep their own gardens, Sol y Luna works closely with local farmers who can sustainably grow the produce they need, which finds its way into exquisite dishes that marry ancient flavours with contemporary techniques. This property is a must for any travelers to Machu Picchu – it’s worth a visit all on its own!

Luxurious Properties – Remote Wilderness

The wild, rugged expanses of Patagonia have long attracted those whose thirst for adventure could not be quenched by lesser lands. Until the last several decades, travel to this mountainous region “at the end of the world” was limited to whatever you could carry on horseback; roads were sparse, and accommodation nearly non-existent. The spirit of exploration lives on – but travelers today have a few more resources at hand for a more comfortable expedition. A handful of luxury lodges have sprung up in the heart of the wilderness, offering an authentic experience nearly unmatched around the globe. One of the finest is the stunning explora Patagonia property.

The Luxury Travel Agency loves this luxurious property
The scenery at explora Patagonia will stop you in your tracks!


A trip to Patagonia involves a substantial time commitment; in the case of explora, guests must fly into Chile’s capital of Santiago, then hop on a connecting flight to Punta Arenas (3 ½ hours), and finally ride with a staff member on a 4 ½-hour drive to the property. But once you arrive, every minute of that travel will be worth it. The views alone deserve the effort – the lodge is perched above the Salto Grande waterfall, which pours into the serene Lake Pehoé, all of it framed by the awe-inspiring mountains of the Paine ridge. Drinking in the views from your wood-furnished room, you might be tempted to do little else! But no one comes down to Patagonia just to sit around, and the explora team ensure that you have everything you need to tackle the Torres del Paine National Park, with over 40 “explorations” available to enjoy. If you’re looking for true adventure, you’ll find it here!

For travelers with an ecological bent, South America offers plenty of intrigue – perhaps no destination is as synonymous with the pursuit as the Galapagos Islands. It was here that Charles Darwin traveled on the Beagle in 1835, an expedition which would lead to his theories on evolutionary biology that changed science forever. With mainland Ecuador nearly a thousand kilometres away, this is a completely unique environment that draws experienced travelers from around the globe.

Luxurious Properties in the Galapagos
When you want to escape – really escape – Pikaia Lodge is the place to be


In such a remote land, the quality of accommodation has mostly been wanting – until now. The Pikaia Lodge is perched on the edge of an extinct volcano, 450 meters above sea level, with unbroken ocean views on three sides and misty jungle highlands rising at its back. All rooms are outfitted with massive floor-to-ceiling windows and private terraces – the views are certainly the stars here. Internal design is kept crisp and simple; after all, if your trip to the Galapagos is going well, you won’t be spending much time inside! There is one suite with a private plunge pool, and we encourage an early booking if this is a must for you. One of the Lodge’s top features is their collection of yachts, each of which are elite options for their respective specialties. The 105-ft M/Y Pikaia I, its crown jewel, offers an unmatched day touring experience, with the size and stability to provide a comfortable onboard experience complete with private cabins for every guest. There’s no better choice for the adventure of a lifetime.

Luxurious Properties – Splendid Cities

For all its natural splendour, South America is also home to dynamic, cosmopolitan cities that tick all the boxes an urban traveler might list. Mouthwatering cuisine, lively nightlife, stunning museums and art galleries…the list goes on. Few cities capture the imagination like Rio de Janiero. The wide golden sands of its beaches host throngs of revelers to an endless backdrop of infectious samba beats, while Christ the Redeemer watches over the scene. If you’re keen on joining the party, you have to do it right – and the Belmond Copacabana Palace is the place to call home.

The Luxury Travel Agency loves this Rio property
On the doorstep of Copacabana Beach, the Palace is the central hotel of choice


Built directly across the street from the world’s most famous beach, the Copacabana Palace has been the address to know for nearly a hundred years. This was the beach that made Rio famous, and the Palace is the host of the international jet-set who flock here to partake in the fun. The hotel employs a graceful art-deco design that never goes out of style; spacious rooms and suites are decorated in crisp white colours that enhance the sun-kissed atmosphere, with unobstructed views of the beach and the ocean beyond. Gourmands will love the multiple Michelin-starred restaurants on property, including Mee, the only pan-Asian restaurant in Rio to earn the distinction. For luxury travelers who crave being in the center of the action, there’s only one choice in the “Marvelous City” – the Palace awaits!

Further south, Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires beckons as a destination with something for everyone. This has long been one of the most diverse cities in the Americas, and it doesn’t take long to feel this heritage; one might walk past massive Catholic churches, gorgeous mosques, and Jewish temples on a night out, with opera houses and theatres of all description dotting the streets. In fact, the city is often referred to as, “the Paris of the South”, so vibrant is its culture. Buenos Aires strikes a delicate balance between honouring its past and embracing its future – and nowhere is this better expressed than the beautiful Park Hyatt Buenos Aires.

Luxurious Properties in Argentina
The esteemed Palacio Duhau has long been regarded as the city’s top hotel

Also known as the Palacio Duhau, the Park Hyatt is an elegant hotel that embodies the spirit of Buenos Aires. The property is actually split in two, with a contemporary wing paired with a “Palace” building that echoes the city’s heritage. The interiors are impeccably stylish; the city’s socialites (of which there are no small number) flock to the hotel’s terraces and gardens for functions and laid-back hobnobbing. Argentine beef is world-famous for its quality – some cuts are so tender, you can cut them with a spoon – and the Duhau Restaurant offers some of the very best. The Oak Bar is the epitome of old-school cool, with deep leather chairs complementing the oak-paneled walls and wood-burning fireplace, with a terrace overlooking the lush gardens to top it all off. There’s plenty of choice in Buenos Aires, but for a truly discerning luxury traveler, the Palacio Duhau cannot be beat.

All of these memorable properties are part of The Luxury Travel Agency’s massive Partner Hotel network, with the best of South America represented.  At all of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, we can offer the lowest rates, along with free benefits such as room upgrades, daily breakfast, spa credits, VIP status, and so much more! All you need to do is book with The Luxury Travel Agency, and this unmatched value is yours to enjoy.

We can help with everything from a simple hotel or resort booking to complete travel planning, including yacht and private jet charters, villas, and more! Contact us today via Whatsapp or telephone at +1-647-551-4560 and let’s start planning your next trip.


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Luxurious Properties in Africa

Africa is a truly gargantuan landscape, with unbelievable variation in its places and people. Tanzania and Morocco are about as similar as Canada and Mexico – maybe even less so! Cultures, languages, cuisines; there is a staggering amount to take in, no matter where you find yourself. Yet there is something about the “Mother Continent” that exudes an attraction like nowhere else. The Luxury Travel Agency has journeyed to Africa plenty of times, and each time we leave, we find ourselves planning a speedy return!

Luxurious Properties – Northern Africa

Straddling the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco has long been a land of vibrant commerce and culture. Nowhere in the country is this better displayed than in Marrakesh. At the heart of the city, the medina holds treasures both ancient and modern, with a labyrinth of markets and stalls that make any shopaholic’s dreams come true. Despite the heat, Marrakesh is renowned for its gardens, which spring up through the city like relieving oases of color. Plenty of luxury travelers want to “live like a king”, but how often can you actually stay in a king’s hotel? In Marrakesh, you can do just that at the Royal Mansour.

Luxurious Properties in Marrakesh
A hidden world of palatial dreams at The Royal Mansour


This one-of-a-kind property was commissioned by none other than King Mohammed VI, Morocco’s ruler. Based on the concept of “a medina within a medina”, the grounds provide a safe haven from the bustle of the city outside, with pools, gardens, and running water abundant. Each of the 53 riads are self-contained palaces of their own, spread over three floors with private rooftop pools in every one. Many hotels offer dedicated butler service, but at the Royal Mansour, each riad has a committed team of ten staff members. What’s more, the property has been designed with a system of underground service tunnels used by the staff, so you’ll notice their efforts without their presence! This is a hotel built for royalty – and a stay there will make you feel like royalty yourself.

To the east, the sprawling city of Cairo dominates the face of Egypt as the largest city in the Arab world. Built on the banks of the Nile River, Cairo is a metropolis of motion and noise, with millions of residents from all walks of life pursuing their daily duties under the watchful gaze of ancient monuments. The city is a must for history buffs; the brand-new Grand Egyptian Museum (the world’s largest archaeological museum) is slated to open within the next year, and of course, the Giza Pyramids are within eyesight.

The Luxury Travel Agency's top luxurious property in Cairo
Sweeping views of the Nile River from the Executive Suite at The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo


For the best in luxury accommodation, look no further than The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo. Overlooking the life-giving river, this is a hotel of stately excellence. Rooms and suites are decorated in bright, crisp colors, with smooth wood furnishings and plenty of space. Nearly every room category overlooks the Nile, a perfect vantage point for any visitor. We highly recommend adding an upgrade to Club Lounge Access; Club guests enjoy dedicated concierge services, floor-to-ceiling windows of the river, and unique culinary perks, such as an ability to select the exact ingredients the Lounge chefs will use in your favorite dish! There’s no better address to call home in Egypt’s bustling capital.

Luxurious Properties – East Africa

As we move south towards East Africa, we begin to find some of the world’s most renowned safari destinations. One such spot is the nation of Kenya, which proudly claims some of the most dramatic scenery on the continent. The Masai Mara is one of the world’s most important game reserves, home to some of the largest remaining populations of Africa’s elephants and big cats, as well as the Maasai people themselves who have called this land home for centuries. The Mara plays host to the annual “Great Migration”, in which millions of animals move clockwise from the southern Serengeti up to Kenya and back, following the rains. While there are heaps of excellent properties to choose from in Kenya, one stands out for its quality in every facet of the safari experience: the &Beyond Bateleur Camp. 

Luxurious Properties in Kenya
You might forget you’re “in the wild” at the Bateleur Camp!


Set on the rim of the Great Rift Valley, in the heart of the Masai Mara, the Bateleur Camp offers everything a safari-goer could dream of. Naturally, the game drives are the premier attraction; herds of all shapes and sizes roam the open plains, where predator hunts are often visible to lucky guests. Days of spectacular adventure end in evenings of fireside meals, your table arranged under the spectacular Kenyan sunset. Another draw is the opportunity to interact with the Maasai people, many of whom are staff members at the Camp. Guests can visit a local village and learn about this incredible culture, which is so inextricably woven into our understanding of Kenya and even Africa itself.

As Kenya’s southern neighbor and “partner” in The Great Migration, Tanzania holds an equal amount of importance as a critical wilderness destination. The Serengeti National Park is perhaps the most famous of its kind, and Mount Kilimanjaro remains one of the world’s most memorable sights, its snow-capped peak towering over the plains. Visitors can choose from a wide palette of environments to explore – but for pure wildlife enthusiasts, following the Migration is a dream come true. And when it comes to that authentic wilderness experience, the Singita Explore camp is second to none.

Luxurious Properties on Safari
Singita’s canvas tents get you closest to the action in true explorer style


There are other safari options that offer access to the Migration, but few actually move around to maximize that access – and none do it as well as Singita. The camp is designed for private use, with a maximum of six tents, meaning the only other guests are your own family and friends. While many of Singita’s other properties are more luxurious in the traditional sense, it’s nearly impossible to match the experiential luxury that this property provides. Guests have access to 350,000 acres of the Grumeti Reserve – entirely managed by Singita – on which massive herds of wildebeest and zebra move amongst the rarer “Big Five” (elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards, and Cape buffalo). The camp is always set up in a location best suited for the wildlife viewing. Staff on hand include a personal chef, host, and Field Guide, ensuring continuity from the best in their field who can anticipate your needs at every turn. Anyone can stay at a safari lodge, but sleeping “under the stars” – in serious style – makes for the memory of a lifetime.

Luxurious Properties – Southern Africa

Of course, it wouldn’t be a “Luxurious Properties” article without including a sun-kissed beach destination! Just off the coast of Mozambique, in the stretch of ocean between Madagascar and the mainland, lie a handful of gorgeous tropical islands that rival anything in the Caribbean for their beauty. One in particular, Benguerra Island, is home to several luxury resorts that offer a perfect counterpoint to the safari adventures of the interior. The best of these? Azura Benguerra Island.

The Luxury Travel Agency's favourite beach in Africa!
Serene sunsets on Benguerra Island are just what the doctor ordered


There are fewer and fewer beaches that are truly unspoilt – but the sands of Benguerra are among them, and this alone is reason enough to visit the Azura property. Each of the 20 villas are mere steps from the beach, yet secluded enough to eliminate any concern about the eyes of passerby. Personal infinity pools look out to the ocean, while the villas themselves are decorated in an “afro-contemporary” style, with gorgeous wood furnishings and plenty of space. The resort is designed in a simple, comfortable style; those keen on soaring glass walls and Japanese fusion restaurants should look elsewhere. Instead, the focus is on relaxing your mind and feeling at one with the dreamy environment. Of course, there’s no shortage of activities if you’re the type to keep busy: guided night snorkeling, kayaking through the mangroves, and island-hopping are just a few of the adventures on offer. To finish off your day with a private dinner for two on the white sands – that’s true luxury!

Finally, we come to South Africa, a nation that often deserves its own journey! So many of Africa’s climes are featured here, from the arid deserts of the north to the stunning coastlines of the south and the mountains standing between them. Some of Africa’s best wildlife opportunities are found in Kruger National Park, often the preferred choice for first-time safari-goers. Yet it’s the Winelands just outside of Cape Town that provide a unique African travel opportunity – a region just as stunning as its European counterparts. There are handfuls of gorgeous properties to choose from, but none so opulent as La Residence.

Luxurious Properties in South Africa
Gorgeous suites open onto even better views at La Residence


At La Residence, every single suite is uniquely designed – an indication of the care lavished upon its guests. These suites lack for nothing: size (starting at 85 square meters), style (designed by famed hotelier Liz Biden), and amenities (minibars stocked with free wine and champagne) are all in plentiful supply. Traveling families can employ the multi-room suites to keep everyone under one roof. Surrounded by vineyards, mountains, and delightful small towns, there’s plenty to explore, with bicycles the transport of choice. The dining and wine tasting here is some of the world’s best, and no matter where you look, the views are simply remarkable. A can’t-miss destination on any South African itinerary!

Each of these wondrous properties are part of The Luxury Travel Agency’s extensive Partner Hotel network, representing the elite options across Africa and around the world. At all of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, you’ll get unbeatable rates, along with complimentary benefits such as room upgrades, free breakfast, incredible guided experiences, VIP status, and much more! All for simply choosing The Luxury Travel Agency for booking your next trip.

We can help with everything from a simple hotel or resort booking to complete travel planning, including yacht and private jet charters, villas, and so much more! Contact us today via Whatsapp or telephone at +1-647-551-4560 and let’s start planning your next trip.


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Luxurious Properties of Europe

For many travelers, Europe represents the best of “old-world” luxury: mammoth stone castles, sprawling palaces with velvet and chandeliers, historic villas perched on the edge of the sea. Naturally, these can all be found in abundance – yet their contemporary counterparts offer a unique experience all their own.

As a continent with plenty of vibrant cultures in close proximity, and more than enough history to go around, Europe truly has something for every traveler. Let’s take a look at some of The Luxury Travel Agency’s favorites!

Luxurious Properties – Mediterranean Magic

For as long as there have been humans in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea has shaped their existence. Vital to trade and travel, it has provided the means for nations to grow and interact with one another – not to mention the livelihoods of their people. Its beauty has inspired the artists of antiquity, a power that still holds sway over millions today.

Several islands in the Mediterranean hold a near-mythical status; Capri is such a place. An hour by ferry from the Italian city of Naples, Capri oozes luxury: immaculate white villas, super yachts anchored offshore, and inimitable views of the stunning cobalt sea from nearly every vantage point. For those who want the finest in accommodations without sacrificing location, look no further than the Capri Tiberio Palace.

Luxury Travel in Capri Italy
Breakfast on the balcony at Capri Tiberio Palace


This luxurious property sits in the middle of the island, a few minutes’ walk from the central square (La Piazzetta) and the boutique shops that surround it. Since the island is quite hilly, this proximity is a huge boon to its guests; yet even without it, the hotel would claim a place among the island’s elite. The design walks a fine line between modern and classic, with unique vintage pieces adorning rooms decorated in bright shades of cream and aqua. Terrazza Tiberio offers the best of ultra-fresh Caprese cuisine in a refined indoor/outdoor space; and of course, the views from just about everywhere have to be seen to believe.

Further east, in the Aegean arm of the Mediterranean, lie the Cyclades: a Greek island group with unmatched history. Populated for thousands of years, they specialize today in welcoming visitors from all over the world – perhaps none more so than the island of Mykonos. Long a preferred destination for the jet-set elite, Mykonos enjoys an unparalleled reputation when it comes to “see and be seen”. This is the isle for socialites and tastemakers, and the Cavo Tagoo Mykonos is the place they call home.

Luxurious Properties in Mykonos
Endless Aegean views from your balcony at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos


One of the trendiest properties on the island (if not the world), Cavo Tagoo is infinitely Instagrammable, a must-have quality for the best hotels here. Newly renovated rooms and suites are designed in that crisp white found throughout Mykonos, with most units offering a private pool or hot tub from which to enjoy the endless Aegean views. We at The Luxury Travel Agency adore the Cave Pool Suite, with its outdoor space carved from the very rock itself; for those who need plenty of room, the Golden Villas are for you, with open-concept floor plans and huge sunbeds to while away the day. Foodies are in for a special treat: the globally renowned Zuma brand is bringing a “seasonal pop-up” restaurant to the hotel, offering the very best in contemporary Japanese cuisine. What more could a trendsetter ask for?

Luxurious Properties – Alpine Air

North of the Mediterranean, the Alps stretch through Central Europe, transforming the land into majestic snow-capped peaks and sun-splashed valleys. This is a region long renowned for its health benefits, with Europe’s elite escaping the cities to enjoy the clean air and wide-open spaces of the mountain range.

One country with plenty of alpine history is Switzerland, with most of their territory dominated by the highest peaks in the mountain range. The Swiss enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life – a characteristic which extends to their alpine domain. Many of the world’s greatest ski villages and mountain resorts are found here. One of the finest? The Alpina Gstaad.

Luxury Properties in the Alps
Nestled in the Swiss Alps, it doesn’t get more exclusive than Gstaad!


A two-hour drive east of Geneva, the town of Gstaad has welcomed luxury travelers for over a century. It’s ultra-exclusive – with a resident population of only a few thousand, space is at a premium – and has long catered to the rich and famous looking for a discrete alpine getaway. The Alpina Gstaad is the best of the town’s newer luxury hotels: opening eight years ago, it was built at an average cost of $5 million per room, yet its exteriors maintain the time-honoured Swiss style. Inside, the décor is warm and cozy, with plenty of natural timber and stone fireplaces. Two of their restaurants are Michelin-starred, including Megu, widely regarded as the country’s best Japanese eatery. The hotel does a magnificent job of blending the charming traditional Swiss feel with modern amenities and perks – a feat that makes it an elite luxurious property for your next alpine adventure.

Traveling south (rather than east) from Geneva will bring you into the French Alps and face-to-face with the shining star of French alpine tourism: the ski resort of Courchevel. Like Gstaad, Courchevel has enjoyed a long and glittering history of entertaining the jet-set. It also offers a much larger territory for those who actually do want to hit the slopes; guests can explore the entirety of “Les Trois Vallées”, the largest linked ski area in the world! There are plenty of luxurious properties to choose from – perhaps none more so than Cheval Blanc Courchevel.

Luxurious Properties in the French Alps
Rooms at the Cheval Blanc Courchevel embody the best in alpine luxury


Part of the meticulously curated Cheval Blanc collection, this alpine hotel wants for nothing when it comes to chic French elegance. One of a handful of French hotels with the coveted “Palace” designation (reserved for only the very best), there is no better option for a luxury ski holiday. Each of the 36 rooms and suites offer comfort and style in equal measure; clean modern lines intersect with fur blankets and modern art, while hammam-showers equipped for chromotherapy offer guests a spa experience in their very own lodgings. Of course, this shouldn’t preclude you from a trip to their Spa itself, offering custom-designed Guerlain treatments along with pools, baths, and saunas of all description. There’s even a dedicated “Hair Room Service” headed by renowned stylist John Nollet, with certain services available in your own room. If there’s any property sure to make your friends jealous, this is the one!

Luxurious Properties – Urban Oases

The world’s best cities combine rich history with modern energy, natural beauty with thriving cultural scenes, and culinary influences from around the globe. Nowhere may be a better current example than Berlin, the German capital enjoying a growing reputation as a city at the forefront of urban living today. Chock-full of politically and emotionally charged history (recent enough to still feel), with a pronounced emphasis on creative lifestyles and the parties that come with it, Berlin is a destination for travelers seeking something new. When it’s finally time to rest from your adventures, The Luxury Travel Agency recommends the Hotel De Rome, a Rocco Forte property, as your urban sanctuary.

Luxurious Properties in Germany
The Rooftop Terrace at Hotel De Rome is Berlin’s best summertime address


The hotel enjoys a location on the historic Bebelplatz, one of Berlin’s most iconic squares, in a meticulously restored former bank building. Rooms and suites are decorated with careful restraint, paintings and pillows adding splashes of colour to the smooth creams and occasional wood paneling of the walls. An excellent rooftop terrace is the place to be on summer evenings, with designer cocktails, seafood platters, and occasional “grill sessions” filling out the menu. The perfect place to end your day – or kick off your night!

We couldn’t write a section on European cities without mentioning London – Brexit notwithstanding. Few visitors need a primer on what London offers (the history, shopping, dining, museums & galleries, sports, fashion…we could go on), and even fewer have trouble finding a hotel of quality to stay in. But with so many options, how does a luxury traveler choose? Our Agency has plenty of stunning Partner Hotels in the city, yet one that’s really caught our eye is the newly refurbished Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London.

Luxury Travel Best in London UK
The stunning Belgravia Suite is just one of the new features at MO Hyde Park, London


Having undergone head-to-toe renovations completed just last year, the hotel is a beacon of modern luxury that stands out even amongst London’s elite. The location couldn’t be better: the front opens onto central Knightsbridge, with top-notch shopping opportunities (including world-famous Harrod’s) on your doorstep, while the hotel backs directly onto magnificent Hyde Park. One could spend a morning at the finest boutiques, an afternoon strolling through the brilliant foliage, and an evening at Gordon Ramsey’s renowned Petrus restaurant – all without straying further than a block or two from your hotel. Rooms are large and lavish, with art-deco touches and plenty of natural light. This correspondent had the pleasure of staying in the gorgeous Belgravia Suite – a space truly unlike any other in London.

Luxury Travel in London
Bustling Knightsbridge is the neighborhood of choice for London luxury!


The Luxury Travel Agency’s comprehensive Partner Hotel network encompasses these and countless others of Europe’s best – no matter your preference or style, we know a property that’ll fit you perfectly! At all of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, you’ll get the very best rates, plus complimentary benefits such as room upgrades, free breakfast, exclusive services, dining credits, and much more! Simply by choosing The Luxury Travel Agency for booking your next trip.

We can help with everything from a simple hotel or resort booking to complete travel planning, including yacht and private jet charters, villas, and so much more! Contact us today via Whatsapp or telephone at +1-647-551-4560 and let’s start planning your next trip.


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Luxurious Properties of Oceania

Long a region considered too far-flung for most holidays, Oceania has seen a surge in luxury tourism over the last several years. Greater numbers of savvy travelers are drawn by the allure of these lands and surrounding seas, possessing an ancient beauty nearly unmatched the world over. The Luxury Travel Agency has seen the best of Oceania’s luxurious properties, and we can’t wait to share them all with you!

Luxurious Properties – Australia

When most people think of Australia, the Outback is likely the first thing that comes to mind: endless dry plains, tumbleweeds, maybe the occasional kangaroo. Yet the range of environments found “down under” can surprise even the most seasoned traveler.

Driving west from Sydney will bring you not to the desert, but to the Blue Mountains, one million hectares of eucalyptus forest, striking sandstone cliffs, and wildlife in abundance. Nestled among these hills is the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, a special property in a special place.


Luxurious Properties in Australia
The sandstone cliffs glow as the sun sets on Wolgan Valley


For travelers keen to experience “life in the bush” without sacrificing luxury, this is a destination not to be missed. The adventures at Wolgan Valley are endless: explore miles of trails on horseback, hike behind waterfalls through magical glow-worm tunnels, and hop in a 4WD with your personal guide on a sunset wildlife tour, eyes open for kangaroos, wallabies, and wedge-tailed eagles. When night falls, your guide can drive you out to your own private campfire, complete with culinary treats and a telescope for exploring the awe-inspiring southern stars. Retire to your Villa, an expansive home of natural wood and stone, with a private pool and floor-to-ceiling windows for maximum enjoyment of your surroundings.

Of course, Australia owes a great deal of global clout to its beaches and its most widely renowned natural attraction, the Great Barrier Reef. Located a fair distance offshore, most visitors keen on the Reef have to book day trips from the mainland – but the best place to stay gets you closer. We’re talking about qualia Resort, one of The Luxury Travel Agency’s favorite properties in all Oceania.


The Luxury Travel Agency loves this luxurious property
Windward Pavilions at qualia – simply the most incredible views!


The resort is located on Hamilton Island, the central cog in the Whitsundays, a gorgeous grouping of islands that stretch along Australia’s northeastern coast. Daily flights from the major cities will take you direct, and the resort is mere minutes from the airport, making this a convenient tropical escape!
Qualia’s pavilions are sleek, light, and airy, aiming to capture as much of the glorious ocean air as possible; the transition between indoors and outdoors is seamless. We particularly recommend the Windward Pavilions, which have private plunge pools to enjoy – the perfect place to sip on a drink and watch the world go by. All of the usual island activities are on offer – sailing, snorkeling, etc. – but the signature experiences take it up a notch. We love the “Best of Both Worlds” tour: start with a helicopter flight over the Reef, land at a pontoon for snorkeling, then over to your own private beach for an afternoon of pure relaxation. There’s no better way to explore the riches of the Whitsundays!

Luxurious Properties – New Zealand

If Australia is “down under”, New Zealand is “way down under” – as far from the rest of the world as you can get! The assortment of climes here is even more varied than its northern neighbor; lush tropical forests in the north give way to snowy alpine peaks in the south, with beaches, lakes, and rolling hills scattered through the nation.

The North Island region of Taupo is a favorite for visitors and locals alike, with its ancient redwood forests, volcanic hot springs, and world-renowned fly fishing…not to mention a lake the size of Singapore! It’s a place emblematic of its country – and the top address here is the venerated Huka Lodge.


Luxurious Properties in New Zealand
Award-winning design produces an elegant balance between interiors and the outdoors


Perched on the banks of the Waikato River, Huka Lodge claims a special status as the first of New Zealand’s ultra-luxury lodges, a designation it maintains today. Dignitaries, movie stars, even royalty – all have called the Lodge home. This is a property of natural elegance, beautifully weaving its history and immaculate hospitality standards with the picture-perfect surroundings. Seventeen acres of impeccably designed gardens flow through the property, with an array of flora unmatched in the country. One of our favourite features are the 20 private dining areas dotted throughout the Lodge and grounds; you can (and should) enjoy your delectable five-course dinner at a different spot every evening!

Down on the South Island, the scenery is even more striking: jagged mountains rise from glittering lakes, with old-growth forests that harken back to prehistoric times. It’s all about the outdoors in these parts – Queenstown (the hub for the region) bills itself as the, “Adventure Capital of the World”, a claim quickly validated by all those lucky enough to visit.

There are plenty of excellent properties to stay at, but perhaps none as singularly impressive as Minaret Station. Here, that old saying about real estate – location, location, location – has never been more apt. Minaret Station is a collection of four one-bedroom chalets and a central lodge, set in a remote glacial valley high up in the Southern Alps. Here’s the kicker: you can only access the property via helicopter! A half-hour from the Queenstown Airport will take you over snowy peaks, coursing alpine rivers, through immense mountains and valleys – and that’s just your transfer.


Exclusive luxury travel at this luxurious property
Your chauffeur awaits for the alpine adventure of a lifetime!


Activities at Minaret are very much heli-based, since the imposing landscape simply doesn’t accommodate any other means. And what a landscape it is – we hear time and again from our clients that they find themselves “in a movie” as they explore this slice of the globe. Where else can you land on the shores of an alpine lake, the beaches of the mighty Pacific, a stupendous glacier, and a virgin old-growth forest, all untouched by mankind – in the span of only a few hours on tour? When the day is done, Minaret’s chef is ready to welcome you home with only the freshest dishes to enjoy; this correspondent has never tasted more exquisite lamb in his life. There are few world-class properties as remote as Minaret Station, and even fewer that will imprint your memory as it does.

Luxurious Properties – South Pacific

Of course, Oceania is much more than its two largest nations – there’s a whole lot of ocean involved! Pairing a visit to the South Pacific with Australia and/or New Zealand makes for a perfectly balanced journey, as these island paradises offer five-star respite from the endless activities on the “mainland” – and even here, there’s as much to do as anyone could want.

The islands of French Polynesia are some of the most sought-after around the world; while Bora Bora may be the most famous of their number, properties even more exclusive and luxurious can be found nearby. Our favourite? The Brando, located on Tetiaroa Atoll, only a 20-minute plane hop from Tahiti. A favorite of Tahitian chiefs for centuries, the island was purchased by Marlon Brando in 1967, and has only recently evolved into the ultra-luxe hideaway it is today.


Luxurious Properties in South Pacific
Bask in the natural splendour of Tetiaroa Atoll


Each of the 35 spacious villas provide your own private stretch of soft white beach, along with a plunge pool and generous indoor/outdoor eating spaces. Designed with traditional Polynesian life in mind, you’ll feel intertwined with the island from the first moment you step foot inside. At The Brando, sustainability is key; all materials are locally sourced or recycled, and the resort itself is nearly carbon-neutral, an impressive feat for a property of this calibre. Hosts of rare birds and fish call these atolls home, and it only takes one plunge into the underwater coral gardens to see for yourself. Barack Obama spent a month here immediately following his presidency – not a bad endorsement!

Another favorite haunt of the rich and famous can be found in nearby Fiji, which offers shorter and more frequent direct flights from Australia and New Zealand. Here, all of the top resorts occupy their own private islands – none more exclusive than Laucala Island. Here, guests are treated to nothing less than the very best. Fresh cuisine is ensured by raising and growing nearly everything on the island itself; the greenhouse and gardens are overflowing, the chickens are a unique Austrian breed, and even wagyu cows call it home!


Top Luxurious Property in Fiji
Picture-perfect outdoor design for each villa to exclusively enjoy


Villas are of a staggering size, with separate chambers so large they could pass for their own small buildings. Private plunge pool? Try a full-sized version, complete with thatched pagodas, sunbeds, colorful gardens, and exclusive stretches of soft white sand. It’s difficult to leave your villa grounds – but when you do, amazement awaits you. Fijian horses, a championship golf course, and some of the globe’s best snorkelling & diving are just a few of the perks to enjoy. Laucala’s private collection of 14 boats includes gorgeous modern yachts and double-masted sailboats – no matter what kind of aquatic adventure you’re after, you’ll be impeccably provided for. We at The Luxury Travel Agency have stayed at hundreds of the best luxurious properties the world over, and very few can match the breathtaking splendor of Laucala Island.

Luxury Travel Activities in Fiji
Come sail away through Fijian paradise!


These brilliant properties are just a tiny fraction of The Luxury Travel Agency’s  Partner Hotel network, encompassing all of Oceania’s very best along with every other destination you know (and many you don’t – at least, not yet!). At all of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, you’ll get the lowest possible rates, plus a smorgasbord of benefits such as free breakfast, private guided experiences, activity credits, and much more! All for selecting The Luxury Travel Agency as your trusted travel professionals.

We can help with everything from a simple hotel or resort booking to complete travel planning, including yacht and private jet charters, villas, and so much more! Contact us today via Whatsapp or telephone at +1-647-551-4560 and let’s start planning your next trip.


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The Luxury Travel Agency’s Top Luxurious Properties of Asia

The world is full of luxurious properties that distill the best of a destination into their very substance and style. Nowhere is this better practiced than the continent of Asia, where ancient cultures find their contemporary expression in elite hotels and resorts which pay homage to their past while constantly striving toward their vision of the future.

Of course, the word “Asia” denotes a vast collection of countries and cultures, many of which bear the least resemblance to one another. Our team at The Luxury Travel Agency has years of personal experience living and travelling in Asia – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable team for your travels to the East. Below, some of our favorite luxury properties to explore!

Luxurious Properties – East Asia

Any visitor to Japan would be remiss to depart without a stop in Kyoto, the ancient once-capital that still thrives as the cultural heart of the nation. Kyoto was largely spared from the destruction wrought by WWII, and thus preserved much of the stunning architectural heritage that makes it such a popular destination today.

There is no shortage of gorgeous luxury properties to stay at, but it’s difficult to rival The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto for overall quality. Built low along the banks of the Kamo River, this hotel has thousands of years of distinct Japanese heritage to draw on, and it does a remarkable job of conveying this in a modern fashion. Rooms and suites are designed with crisp lines reminiscent of typical Japanese architecture and decorated in soft natural shades that soothe one’s mind immediately upon entry. The Luxury Travel Agency strongly recommends booking a room with a river view; the floor-to-ceiling windows display wonderful views of the Kamo River and a backdrop of green mountains to the east.

Luxurious Properties in Kyoto
The elegant Kamogawa Suite at the Ritz-Carlton Kyoto


Diners are spoilt for choice; The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto offers the unique opportunity to enjoy selections from four major Japanese cuisine styles (kaiseki, sushi, teppanyaki, & tempura) in the same restaurant, while also housing one of the best Italian spots in the city. With all this said, the most outstanding quality of the hotel may be its staff. Anticipatory without being pushy, knowledgeable without being robotic, the staff are always cognizant of Japanese excellence in service – a tradition they honor at every turn.

Further south, we come to the fabled island of Hong Kong. Long an intersection for many cultures, Hong Kong has always put a unique spin on the millennia of Chinese history flowing from the mainland, with influences from Portuguese and British traders weaved into its colorful tapestry. The city has long been regarded as an international hub of the first degree, and its hotels reflect this quality.

One of the most highly anticipated openings in recent memory, the Rosewood Hong Kong welcomed its first guests just over a year ago. Towering 65 storeys over world-famous Victoria Harbour, on the Kowloon side, the hotel is the new flagship of the Rosewood brand, and the effort put into its construction corresponds appropriately to this lofty status.

New Luxurious Property Hong Kong
Suites at the Rosewood Hong Kong offer glorious views of Victoria Harbour


Rooms and suites are gracefully sophisticated, with a refined residential feel; guests might imagine that they’re staying in the home of a Hong Kong tycoon with impeccable taste, rather than a hotel. Our luxury advisors strongly recommend booking a suite; not only for their size and stunning harbour views but for the additions of personal butler service (packing/unpacking services are a real treat) and access to the Manor Club (a gorgeous 40th-floor lounge offering premium all-day snacks and beverages). Throw in the gorgeous Asaya Spa – Rosewood’s first urban location – and there’s no better choice for your visit to Hong Kong.

Luxurious Properties – Southeast Asia

Continental Southeast Asia is known for many things, chief among them jungles, temples, and elephants; nowhere is this better experienced than the famed Golden Triangle region, where the borders of Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos converge.

Here, nestled on the banks of the Ruak River, sits the Four Seasons Tented Camp, Golden Triangle. This is a property that brings all of your explorer dreams to life – an immersive experience like none other! The adventure starts in a nearby town, where guests board a traditional longtail boat for a short trip up the river towards the property. Pulling up to the dock, a gong is sounded to herald your arrival, refreshing welcome drinks are served, and the Camp Manager personally greets you to explain the layout of the Camp while your luggage is whisked away to your luxury tent.

The Luxury Travel Agency loves this luxurious property!
A look inside the explorer-era Tent at the Camp


If the prospect of sleeping in a “tent” worries you, have no fear – these tents are nearly 600 square feet, with hardwood floors, plush king-size beds, and massive outdoor decks, some with their own wooden hot-tubs! Each of the Camp’s 15 tents is uniquely themed and decorated, echoing a “golden age” of exploration; you’ll feel transported back to a different time and place from the moment you step foot inside.

Of course, the Camp’s biggest attraction (quite literally) is the elephants! Only a handful live on the property, each having been rescued from situations of abuse or neglect. The natural habitats for Asian elephants continue to shrink, and elephants who have lived with humans often cannot re-integrate themselves in the wild – so the Tented Camp provides a safe and stable home for them, each with their own mahout (handler) with whom their bonds are exceptionally strong. Guests can feed and interact with these amazing giants – they’ll even come up to the restaurant at breakfast to join you!

The Luxury Travel Agency loves elephants!
A five-star breakfast for you – and the elephants!


From the jungle to the sea – out in the Philippines lies one of The Luxury Travel Agency’s favorite resorts in the world! A crown jewel in tropical travel, Amanpulo is one of those properties that cannot be missed.

Amanpulo is part of the renowned Aman brand, who excels in creating spaces that are luxurious without being ostentatious, elegant while maintaining a sense of harmony with the surrounding environment. The resort claims the whole of Pamalican Island, near Palawan, about an hour’s flight via private plane from Manila. Here, the pressures of the outside world melt away in an unbroken vista of powdery white sand and blue-green seas.

The Luxury Travel Agency's favourite luxurious property in Asia
Villas at Amanpulo open onto private pool decks and the stunning seas beyond


Accommodation is split into Casitas and Villas; while the Casitas are lovely in their own right, the Villas are the real stars, with private pools, butlers, and chefs all on offer for each unit. Options range from one to four-bedroom villas, so whether it’s a romantic honeymoon or a multi-generation getaway, you’ll find all you need and more. We routinely get the most incredible feedback from our clients who stay here – an experience nearly unrivalled the world over.

Luxurious Properties – South Asia

Asia is a continent of seemingly endless cultures and subcultures, perhaps best expressed in the country of India. Here, there are at least 122 major languages, endless variations of cuisine, and a new set of devas and devis everywhere you look.

Many visitors to India spend their time in the country’s north, including areas such as the state of Rajasthan, with its striking ancient forts and impressive natural reserves (home to the country’s wild tigers). Udaipur (known as the “City of Lakes”) is a particular highlight – and what better place to stay than The Oberoi Udaivilas. The finest hotel in one of India’s most romantic locations, The Oberoi Udaivilas is a true treasure, a modern palace hotel that grants all of one’s wishes and makes their guests feel like royalty.

Luxurious Properties in India
Palatial atmosphere at The Oberoi Udaivilas


Perched on the shores of serene Lake Pichola, a stay at the Udaivilas is like stepping out of time, into a world of majestic opulence and timeless elegance. The golden-brown domes of the hotel stand watch over brightly decorated rooms and suites; the options for relaxing in front of the lake are endless. We highly recommend a private dinner by the lakeside, expertly arranged by the hotel staff – a guaranteed highlight of your visit to India!

Further south, the island of Sri Lanka offers a whole world within its own borders, with intriguing cities, central highlands, and stunning beaches coming together in a destination rapidly growing in popularity. A holiday there should touch each of these environments, but above all, the “tea region” is not to be missed.

Our favorite place to stay? The Ceylon Tea Trails, a Relais & Châteaux property nestled high in the central hills. The resort is comprised of 27 rooms spread across five bungalows, each a carefully restored home dating back to the colonial era. This residential feel is reflected in the design and decoration of the bungalows, which open onto stunning vistas of the lush green slopes and sparkling lakes below. Guests can hike or bike through the hills, kayak over the glassy surface of the reservoir, and follow firsthand the teamaking process, from the plant to the final cup, presented by experts in all thing’s tea. There are many beautiful places in the world – but few as unique as this one.

Luxury Travel in Sri Lanka
Pool & hot tub at Dunkeld Bungalow seem to float over the landscape


All of these standout properties are part of The Luxury Travel Agency’s vast Partner Hotel network, encompassing hundreds of properties across Asia along with all of the world’s continents. At each of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, you’ll get unbeatable rates, plus complimentary benefits such as free breakfast, guided tours, dining credits, and much more! All for simply choosing The Luxury Travel Agency for booking your next trip.

We can help with everything from a simple hotel or resort booking to complete travel planning, including yacht and private jet charters, villas, and so much more! Contact us today via Whatsapp or telephone at +1-647-551-4560 and let’s start planning your next trip.


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The Luxury Travel Agency’s Top Luxurious Properties

If you have a passion for the finer things in life, only the world’s most luxurious properties will suit your travel desires. After all, part of travel’s allure is experiencing those beautiful, almost magical hotels and resorts that redefine what hospitality can be.

The Luxury Travel Agency is proud to call ourselves Partners with the world’s finest properties, from intimate chalets high in the Alps to private islands in the South Pacific and everywhere in between. These hotels and resorts combine elite location, award-winning design, and exemplary service to produce an experience that will forever leave an impact on the memories of those who stay there.

Luxurious Properties – Americas 

Perhaps more than any other country, the USA encompasses the greatest range of natural environments: evergreen forests, long coastal beaches, massive mountain ranges, and thriving cosmopolitan cities all coexist. Yet it’s the deserts in America’s west which offer some of the most unique travel experiences in the country.

Amangiri is one of our favourite luxurious properties
Desert View from a Suite at Amangiri


The crown jewel of such accommodation is found in the hauntingly beautiful Utah deserts, home to the Amangiri resort. The property stretches across 600 acres of unspoilt desert, surrounding by striking mountain and canyon formations. The Aman brand is globally renowned for their luxurious properties that seem to spring unbidden from their very surroundings – and Amangiri is no different. Low buildings of concrete and stone blend into the desert landscape; travel inside, and you arrive at a modern oasis. The clean, straight lines of the Suites are a minimalist designer’s dream, and several categories have private pools for beating the heat. A five-minute drive from the central resort brings guests to Camp Sarika, a collection of 10 one & two-bedroom tented pavilions, each with their own private pool terraces. With shared dining, lounge, and pool areas (in addition to those in your own Pavilion), Camp Sarika is a resort within a resort, the perfect ultra-luxe hideaway for your next vacation.

Of course, North America by no means holds a monopoly on stunning luxurious properties set amidst rugged landscapes. Seventy miles south of Mendoza, in the foothills of the Argentine Andes, sits the Casa de Uco Vineyards & Wine Resort. For lovers of the grape, there is no better pick for your next vacation. Like any great property in an incredible natural setting, Casa de Uco takes its inspiration from its surroundings. The modern design is crisp and unassuming, welcoming guests into a fresh environment that accentuates the best of the Uco Valley.

A top luxurious property in Argentina's wine region
Outdoors and indoors flow together at Casa de Uco


There’s a marked emphasis on the use of glass at the resort – after all, the destination is the real star, and the more you can enjoy it, the better! The handful of rooms, suites, and villas all employ regional wood in their flooring and furniture, providing travelers with a warm and almost earthy space to rest and relax from their adventures. That oft-used phrase, “sense of place”, is very much at work here. With such a small, intimate setting (only 18 room units in total), service is a real highlight of this property; staff can and will customize your stay exactly to your liking. Whether it’s horseback riding through the vineyards, cooking local dishes with an expert chef, or even white-water rafting down clear mountain rivers, Casa de Uco is your headquarters for the exploration of a lifetime!

Luxurious Properties – Europe & Africa

Across the Atlantic, the old-world European capitals exude a different kind of status, one born of history and power on a global stage. Few cities capture this magic like Paris does – and its plethora of luxurious properties attest to the fact. Visitors to the “City of Light” are spoiled for choice; from sprawling palatial hotels that echo the glamour of centuries past, to ultra-modern new designs on the forefront of French architecture, there is something for everyone, whether it’s your first time in Paris or your fifteenth.

One of the best luxurious properties in Paris
Hotel Lutetia is our top pick on Paris’ Left Bank


One of our favourite properties, recently visited, is the Hotel Lutetia. This is the only “Palace Hotel” – a special designation issued by the French government, for a handful of truly elite properties above a five-star designation – on Paris’ fabled Left Bank. Sure, there are more opulent hotels (such as the newly refurbished Ritz) and glitzier neighbourhoods (the shopping through Place Vendôme comes to mind), but for a true taste of Parisian life, the Left Bank has no equal. The historical home of the city’s great writers and painters, there is an omnipresent artistic sensibility in the air – one that extends to the Hotel Lutetia. While its façade is in the classical style, its interior smartly balances heritage and modernity. One restaurant offers diners a chance to enjoy a sumptuous meal under a dazzling stained-glass ceiling. Rooms and suites are draped in soft, rich blues and creams, balancing perfectly with dark oak floors, with some offering terraces that look out onto the Eiffel Tower. What more could you ask from a perfect Parisian experience?

From the urban jungle of Paris, we journey south to the real jungles – or more accurately, the savannahs – of South Africa. A multifaceted destination with lots to offer, South Africa is The Luxury Travel Agency’s top pick for many safari-goers, particularly first-timers; you’ll typically find the most luxurious properties here, and access is often simpler than similar experiences in Tanzania or Kenya.

The Luxury Travel Agency's most luxurious property for safaris
Natural light fills the Suites at Singita Sweni Lodge


When it comes to luxury safari experiences, the Singita collection stands above the rest – and their pair of lodges in Kruger National Park (perhaps the most famous safari destination) are properties of the utmost quality. Singita Sweni Lodge is the perfect introduction to “life in the bush” – and you won’t exactly be roughing it! Each of the seven unique suites are decorated with splashes of gold and bronze, with natural timber and floor-to-ceiling windows reminding guests of exactly where they find themselves. Ensconced within the treetops and overlooking the Sweni River, this property is glamour-meets-nature at its best. Nearby Singita Lebombo Lodge utilizes a simpler, darker palette in its design – but the luxury is just as prevalent. Inspired by the eagles’ nests built into the cliffs surrounding the river, the thirteen suites offer massive wooden decks from which to gaze out over the ancient landscape. A safari with Singita is a bucket-list item that, once enjoyed, will be forever etched into your memory.

Luxurious Properties – Eastern Hemisphere

A world away from the elephants of Kruger lies a very different sort of travel experience: that of the ryokan. In Japan, ryokans are traditional-style inns that are found throughout the country, particularly in areas offering natural hot springs. They range from the simple to the highly sophisticated; in fact, there may be no more luxurious properties in all of Japan than her very best ryokans. A particular favourite of ours is Gora Kadan, near the popular scenic town of Hakone, a mere 40-minute bullet train ride from Tokyo.

Luxurious property in Japanese countryside
Relaxing Zen atmosphere at Gora Kadan


Gora Kadan is a converted summer villa once used by the Imperial Family – so you know the setting is gorgeous. Tucked away within the forests of Hakone National Park, a stay here is an invitation to Zen. The culture of the ryokan is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. Mineral waters, naturally heated by the volcanic activity far below the earth’s surface, are fed into huge private baths (many of them outdoors on wooden decks or within gardens) that guests can use at their leisure. Breakfasts and dinners are carefully prepared in a traditional kaiseki style, with a huge range of dishes to taste and enjoy, all of which utilize local ingredients and thus change with the seasons. The Japanese people are renowned for their elegant hospitality, and this is nowhere clearer than at Gora Kadan.

Down under – way down under – we find the cosmopolitan city of Sydney, Australia. Sydney ticks all of the boxes a global traveler looks for: a thriving culinary scene, shopping across the spectrum, fantastic weather, and plenty of cultural opportunities. The Sydney Opera House is a global landmark, one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World”, and a can’t-miss attraction for any visitor.

The Luxury Travel Agency's top luxurious property in Sydney
Unrivaled views of the Sydney Opera House from the Park Hyatt Sydney


Which brings us to the best of Sydney’s luxurious properties: the Park Hyatt Sydney. There are plenty of excellent choices for accommodation in the city, but none have a location like this one. Situated on the tip of a peninsula in the venerated neighbourhood of “The Rocks”, the hotel faces the Opera House, directly opposite across the water. Guests are smack in the middle of all the waterfront action, while also enjoying the privacy that being out in the bay provides. At night, if you’re not already there attending a marvelous show, you can dim your room lights and watch as those of the Opera House light up in dazzling displays. There is no better place to start – or end – your South Pacific journey!

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