Testimonial 19


The luxury travel agency planned my entire Honeymoon. Planning the whole thing included suggestions for places to stay, to visit, trips, special dinners and picnics, and also types of hotels. Dealing with them and more importantly trusting them with every single detail was the smartest move i’ve ever taken. Not only they did an immaculate job, they were there every single step of the way, taking feedbacks and making alterations as we go. Booking premium tickets for show at the last minute, suggesting restaurants, and adding stuff that i couldnt have thought of were only some of the perks of dealing with them. Their involvement in the trip helped create the best experience i could only have dreamed of. Not to mention being treated as vip in each of the hotels we stayed in. Bottom line: I will not be planning or traveling anywhere from now on without relying entirely on them and their expertise. They are good.