Australia has been steadily rising on the list of desirable destinations over the past few years, and the reasons are as clear as the Great Barrier Reef’s waters. The ‘Land Down Under’ offers world-class quality across the board, from enchanting landscapes to a thriving culinary scene and beyond. Below, four of The Luxury Travel Agency’s must-see locales:

1) The Great Ocean Road. If you’re the type who loves getting out of the city to explore the natural world, this is a can’t-miss item on your bucket list. One of Earth’s great scenic drives, the Great Ocean Road (or GOR) winds along nearly 250 kilometres of Australia’s southern coast, with its eastern terminus just outside the city of Melbourne. Unending scenic views unfold before you, and your options are endless: indulge in artisanal cheese and ice cream, embark on treetop walks and ziplines, and even spot southern right whales with their babies just offshore! Don’t head for home without pictures at the 12 Apostles, a remarkable series of limestone stacks rising straight up from the ocean.

2) Byron Bay. Fans of the Thor films might spot the man behind the hammer – Chris Hemsworth – strolling the beaches of Byron Bay, where he and his family call home. Known throughout the country as a laid-back paradise, Australia’s easternmost town is all about enjoying the splendour around you: the beaches, the food, the arts, and more. A one-hour drive south from the Gold Coast Airport will get you there…leaving is a different question altogether!

3) Tasmania. While the Looney Tunes may have elevated the Tasmanian Devil to global consciousness, most travelers know little else about the island, which lies just off the southern coast of Australia, 80 minutes by plane from Melbourne. Its latitude and geography make for a wilderness experience like none other – almost a cross between Australia and New Zealand, with vast rugged spaces to explore. Several ultra-luxury lodges provide a home for visitors from which to sample the island’s many local delicacies, meet the wildlife, and marvel at the striking scenery. Tasmania has been Australia’s best-kept secret for a long time – plan a trip with The Luxury Travel Agency before the secret is out!

4) Kangaroo Island. As the name implies, wildlife is the name of the game here on Australia’s third-largest island, a mere 30-minute flight from Adelaide. Often referred to as, “A Zoo without Fences”, this place is an animal lover’s dream. You’ll find families of koalas lounging in the eucalyptus trees, packs of sea lions frolicking on the white sandy beaches, and of course herds of kangaroos bouncing all across the island. While the recent fires have dealt a setback to Kangaroo Island, recovery is well underway, and visitors can expect an experience with the natural world like nothing they’ve ever experienced before!

These four must-see destinations are only the beginning of the conversation when it comes to Australia, but from our perspective at The Luxury Travel Agency, they make for a heck of a starting point. Contact us today to make your Down Under dreams a reality!