For many travelers, Europe represents the best of “old-world” luxury: mammoth stone castles, sprawling palaces with velvet and chandeliers, historic villas perched on the edge of the sea. Naturally, these can all be found in abundance – yet their contemporary counterparts offer a unique experience all their own.

As a continent with plenty of vibrant cultures in close proximity, and more than enough history to go around, Europe truly has something for every traveler. Let’s take a look at some of The Luxury Travel Agency’s favorites!

Luxurious Properties – Mediterranean Magic

For as long as there have been humans in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea has shaped their existence. Vital to trade and travel, it has provided the means for nations to grow and interact with one another – not to mention the livelihoods of their people. Its beauty has inspired the artists of antiquity, a power that still holds sway over millions today.

Several islands in the Mediterranean hold a near-mythical status; Capri is such a place. An hour by ferry from the Italian city of Naples, Capri oozes luxury: immaculate white villas, super yachts anchored offshore, and inimitable views of the stunning cobalt sea from nearly every vantage point. For those who want the finest in accommodations without sacrificing location, look no further than the Capri Tiberio Palace.

Luxury Travel in Capri Italy

Breakfast on the balcony at Capri Tiberio Palace


This luxurious property sits in the middle of the island, a few minutes’ walk from the central square (La Piazzetta) and the boutique shops that surround it. Since the island is quite hilly, this proximity is a huge boon to its guests; yet even without it, the hotel would claim a place among the island’s elite. The design walks a fine line between modern and classic, with unique vintage pieces adorning rooms decorated in bright shades of cream and aqua. Terrazza Tiberio offers the best of ultra-fresh Caprese cuisine in a refined indoor/outdoor space; and of course, the views from just about everywhere have to be seen to believe.

Further east, in the Aegean arm of the Mediterranean, lie the Cyclades: a Greek island group with unmatched history. Populated for thousands of years, they specialize today in welcoming visitors from all over the world – perhaps none more so than the island of Mykonos. Long a preferred destination for the jet-set elite, Mykonos enjoys an unparalleled reputation when it comes to “see and be seen”. This is the isle for socialites and tastemakers, and the Cavo Tagoo Mykonos is the place they call home.

Luxurious Properties in Mykonos

Endless Aegean views from your balcony at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos


One of the trendiest properties on the island (if not the world), Cavo Tagoo is infinitely Instagrammable, a must-have quality for the best hotels here. Newly renovated rooms and suites are designed in that crisp white found throughout Mykonos, with most units offering a private pool or hot tub from which to enjoy the endless Aegean views. We at The Luxury Travel Agency adore the Cave Pool Suite, with its outdoor space carved from the very rock itself; for those who need plenty of room, the Golden Villas are for you, with open-concept floor plans and huge sunbeds to while away the day. Foodies are in for a special treat: the globally renowned Zuma brand is bringing a “seasonal pop-up” restaurant to the hotel, offering the very best in contemporary Japanese cuisine. What more could a trendsetter ask for?

Luxurious Properties – Alpine Air

North of the Mediterranean, the Alps stretch through Central Europe, transforming the land into majestic snow-capped peaks and sun-splashed valleys. This is a region long renowned for its health benefits, with Europe’s elite escaping the cities to enjoy the clean air and wide-open spaces of the mountain range.

One country with plenty of alpine history is Switzerland, with most of their territory dominated by the highest peaks in the mountain range. The Swiss enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life – a characteristic which extends to their alpine domain. Many of the world’s greatest ski villages and mountain resorts are found here. One of the finest? The Alpina Gstaad.

Luxury Properties in the Alps

Nestled in the Swiss Alps, it doesn’t get more exclusive than Gstaad!


A two-hour drive east of Geneva, the town of Gstaad has welcomed luxury travelers for over a century. It’s ultra-exclusive – with a resident population of only a few thousand, space is at a premium – and has long catered to the rich and famous looking for a discrete alpine getaway. The Alpina Gstaad is the best of the town’s newer luxury hotels: opening eight years ago, it was built at an average cost of $5 million per room, yet its exteriors maintain the time-honoured Swiss style. Inside, the décor is warm and cozy, with plenty of natural timber and stone fireplaces. Two of their restaurants are Michelin-starred, including Megu, widely regarded as the country’s best Japanese eatery. The hotel does a magnificent job of blending the charming traditional Swiss feel with modern amenities and perks – a feat that makes it an elite luxurious property for your next alpine adventure.

Traveling south (rather than east) from Geneva will bring you into the French Alps and face-to-face with the shining star of French alpine tourism: the ski resort of Courchevel. Like Gstaad, Courchevel has enjoyed a long and glittering history of entertaining the jet-set. It also offers a much larger territory for those who actually do want to hit the slopes; guests can explore the entirety of “Les Trois Vallées”, the largest linked ski area in the world! There are plenty of luxurious properties to choose from – perhaps none more so than Cheval Blanc Courchevel.

Luxurious Properties in the French Alps

Rooms at the Cheval Blanc Courchevel embody the best in alpine luxury


Part of the meticulously curated Cheval Blanc collection, this alpine hotel wants for nothing when it comes to chic French elegance. One of a handful of French hotels with the coveted “Palace” designation (reserved for only the very best), there is no better option for a luxury ski holiday. Each of the 36 rooms and suites offer comfort and style in equal measure; clean modern lines intersect with fur blankets and modern art, while hammam-showers equipped for chromotherapy offer guests a spa experience in their very own lodgings. Of course, this shouldn’t preclude you from a trip to their Spa itself, offering custom-designed Guerlain treatments along with pools, baths, and saunas of all description. There’s even a dedicated “Hair Room Service” headed by renowned stylist John Nollet, with certain services available in your own room. If there’s any property sure to make your friends jealous, this is the one!

Luxurious Properties – Urban Oases

The world’s best cities combine rich history with modern energy, natural beauty with thriving cultural scenes, and culinary influences from around the globe. Nowhere may be a better current example than Berlin, the German capital enjoying a growing reputation as a city at the forefront of urban living today. Chock-full of politically and emotionally charged history (recent enough to still feel), with a pronounced emphasis on creative lifestyles and the parties that come with it, Berlin is a destination for travelers seeking something new. When it’s finally time to rest from your adventures, The Luxury Travel Agency recommends the Hotel De Rome, a Rocco Forte property, as your urban sanctuary.

Luxurious Properties in Germany

The Rooftop Terrace at Hotel De Rome is Berlin’s best summertime address


The hotel enjoys a location on the historic Bebelplatz, one of Berlin’s most iconic squares, in a meticulously restored former bank building. Rooms and suites are decorated with careful restraint, paintings and pillows adding splashes of colour to the smooth creams and occasional wood paneling of the walls. An excellent rooftop terrace is the place to be on summer evenings, with designer cocktails, seafood platters, and occasional “grill sessions” filling out the menu. The perfect place to end your day – or kick off your night!

We couldn’t write a section on European cities without mentioning London – Brexit notwithstanding. Few visitors need a primer on what London offers (the history, shopping, dining, museums & galleries, sports, fashion…we could go on), and even fewer have trouble finding a hotel of quality to stay in. But with so many options, how does a luxury traveler choose? Our Agency has plenty of stunning Partner Hotels in the city, yet one that’s really caught our eye is the newly refurbished Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London.

Luxury Travel Best in London UK

The stunning Belgravia Suite is just one of the new features at MO Hyde Park, London


Having undergone head-to-toe renovations completed just last year, the hotel is a beacon of modern luxury that stands out even amongst London’s elite. The location couldn’t be better: the front opens onto central Knightsbridge, with top-notch shopping opportunities (including world-famous Harrod’s) on your doorstep, while the hotel backs directly onto magnificent Hyde Park. One could spend a morning at the finest boutiques, an afternoon strolling through the brilliant foliage, and an evening at Gordon Ramsey’s renowned Petrus restaurant – all without straying further than a block or two from your hotel. Rooms are large and lavish, with art-deco touches and plenty of natural light. This correspondent had the pleasure of staying in the gorgeous Belgravia Suite – a space truly unlike any other in London.

Luxury Travel in London

Bustling Knightsbridge is the neighborhood of choice for London luxury!


The Luxury Travel Agency’s comprehensive Partner Hotel network encompasses these and countless others of Europe’s best – no matter your preference or style, we know a property that’ll fit you perfectly! At all of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, you’ll get the very best rates, plus complimentary benefits such as room upgrades, free breakfast, exclusive services, dining credits, and much more! Simply by choosing The Luxury Travel Agency for booking your next trip.

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