Some places are simply made for romance. Acres of privacy, without sacrificing an inch of quality; long empty beaches, clear coral waters, and unbroken views of a tropical heaven. The Seychelles, simply put, are all this and more.

This archipelago of 115 islands is quite remote – over a thousand kilometres off Africa’s east coast – but its seclusion is part of what makes the nation such a treasure to visit. At many of the globe’s best warm-weather destinations these days, it can be difficult to carve out some space for yourself; not so in the Seychelles. Your own slice of paradise awaits – especially at some of The Luxury Travel Agency’s favorite Partner Hotels listed below. And remote as it is, direct flights from Dubai are a mere 4 ½ hours…the Seychelles may be closer than you think.

The best news of all: no matter where you’re from, if you’re vaccinated, the Seychelles are open to visit! Not all citizens require it – ask one of our Advisors for details – but if you have the vaccine, you’re ready to enjoy all the Seychelles have to offer.    

Luxury Beach Resorts: Mahé Mainstays

There are an array of gorgeous isles to choose from on a Seychelles visit, but your journey will always start on the island of Mahé, where the nation’s capital and international airport reside. For travelers who prefer a minimum of transfers, there are plenty of outstanding resorts on this very island, just a short drive from the runway. If you’re including a Seychelles stop as part of a longer journey, its often advantageous to stay here in the center of the action.

Luxury Resorts in the Seychelles

Not a bad place to start your day at The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is a longtime favorite of ours – and for good reason. The property is a mere half-hour drive from the airport, on a west-facing peninsula. Guests have the entire bay to themselves, with villas perched atop the granite hillsides providing breathtaking views over the ocean. Private plunge pools only add to the magnetism of your new home. Start your day with a heaping breakfast at ZEZ overlooking the bay, then indulge in the fresh catch of the day at poolside restaurant Kannel.

A little further north, you’ll find the Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas. Sprawling accommodations designed by famed architect Bill Bensley are large enough to bring the kids along – or provide a little extra space for you and your partner. With its central location, there’s plenty of activities on offer; snorkel straight from the beach on your doorstep, visit the local markets, or embark on a day trip to the surrounding islands, each home to remarkable scenes of natural beauty. You can do as much – or as little – as you desire!  

Luxury Beach Resorts

World-class views come standard at Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas

Luxury Beach Resorts: Honeymoon Havens

The Seychelles are a popular honeymoon destination – no surprise, as it ticks so many of the boxes one hopes for on such a journey. A far-flung sun-kissed idyll is the kind of place that makes everyone happy. Here, there is a resort for every style of traveler; and the experts can help you find the perfect one for you.

Luxury Beach Resorts

Explore the wonders of Praslin…or take them in from your villa pool at Raffles Seychelles

A twenty-minute flight north of Mahé is the island of Praslin, the nation’s second-largest. Its beaches rank among the world’s best, with large swaths of tropical forest home to many of the country’s most unique species, such as the Seychelles black parrot. Raffles Seychelles is perched on the island’s north coast, a few minutes from the famed Anse Lazio beach. An array of pool villas range from the beachfront to the hilltop – no matter what kind of view you enjoy, you’re sure to find it. Embark on an Asian gastronomic journey at Curieuse, or enjoy the perks of 24-hour in-villa dining.

Not far away, on Félicité Island, the Six Senses Zil Pasyon offers the perfect balance of privacy and action. As the only resort on the island, you’ll enjoy free rein of the beaches and coral seas that surround you in all directions. If you’re an island-hopper, this is the place for you; luxury yachts will bring you to untouched sands and lush jungles, snorkeling opportunities that one must experience to believe. A visit to the spa is a must, with five villas (all individually themed) offering a huge array of locally-inspired treatments. If simply being in paradise wasn’t relaxing enough – this will be sure to do the trick!  

Luxury Resorts in the Seychelles

Even the bathrooms have spectacular views at the Six Senses Zil Pasyon

Luxury Beach Resorts: Rustic Relaxation

In the Seychelles, peace and seclusion aren’t just physical benefits – they’re mental as well. There are few better places for disconnecting from your busy life back home and reconnecting with the world’s natural rhythms. Certain properties wholeheartedly encourage this approach; if you’re really looking to unwind, it’s nearly impossible for a stay here to result in anything less.

Luxury Beach Resorts

There’s plenty of natural elegance here on the mesmerizing Desroches Island

The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island is a newly opened sister property to the one on Mahé, with a markedly different atmosphere. This is very much a “barefoot luxury” vibe; villas are done up in plenty of wood and wicker touches, blending into their palm tree surroundings. The resort occupies its very own private island, so there’s zero competition for space. Fourteen kilometres of powdery white beaches fringe Desroches; at any given time, you might be the only ones with your toes in the sand!    

For even greater exclusivity, turn your gaze northwards – to North Island, that is. Only 11 villas dot this private island, and with such a limited guest count, staff can tailor your entire experience around your every wish. Each open-plan villa is nearly five thousand square feet – the singular “Villa North Island” actually eclipses eight thousand – which will have you feeling like tropical royalty. There’s no end to the activities to enjoy: scuba diving in crystal-clear waters, private picnics on the granite hilltops, sunset cruises on one of the resort’s fleet of gorgeous vessels. On North Island, you are only limited by your imagination.

Luxury Resorts in the Seychelles

The North Island brings your romantic dreams to life!

The Luxury Travel Agency partners with the most romantic resorts in the Seychelles and around the world. At our Partner Hotels, we’ll provide you with unbeatable rates, alongside complimentary benefits such as room upgrades, daily breakfast, activity credits, VIP status, early check-in and late check-out, and so much more! In every instance, your safety and security comes first. Contact The Luxury Travel Agency today and lets get started! 

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