While most of the world remains closed for international travel, many countries are beginning to loosen the social restrictions on their citizens and lay the groundwork for a return to “normal”. Some nations are further ahead in their recovery efforts than others and are aiming to welcome visitors sometime during this summer travel season. A few of The Luxury Travel Agency’s recommendations to keep an eye on:

1) Greece. Long a favourite for summer tastemakers, particularly the Cyclades islands such as Mykonos and Santorini, Greece has done a better job than most of its neighbours at containing the virus. Life in the country is just about back to normal, and as of June 15th, citizens from a list of 29 select countries can travel on direct flights to Athens and Thessaloniki. Should things remain stable, the list will expand by July 1, allowing an even wider range of visitors to take that long-awaited first trip. Our Partner Hotels and Resorts in Greece are nothing short of stunning – we recommend securing a booking before the rush!

2) Portugal. Another nation that comprehensively managed their outbreak, Portugal’s “fly list” is even longer than Greece’s, with most EU countries and nations such as Canada, the USA, the UK, and more getting the green light to fly to the country by June 15th. Almost everything in the country is open for business: tourists will be able to visit beaches, eat at restaurants (likely with reduced capacity), visit museums, and more. A big plus: incoming visitors who pass a simple health check will not need to self-isolate, and can get straight to their holiday plans. With its endless southern beaches, beautiful old cities and delicious cuisine, Portugal is a standout pick for your post-pandemic holiday!

3) Spain. While the country was hit hard in the early going, Spain has seen a dramatic drop in case numbers in recent weeks and plans to open up for international tourism accordingly. As of this writing, the Spanish government plans to reopen their borders on July 1st, and correspondingly lift the mandatory quarantine period for arrivals. Many restrictions in the major cities of Barcelona and Madrid have begun to lift, and locals seem confident that the upward trajectory will continue. It’s worth monitoring, but Spain could be another pick for that first summer vacation.

As we work our way back to normal, it’s the perfect time to start turning those travel gears in your head – there should be plenty of value available, and The Luxury Travel Agency can help you find it!