While it seems that summer has only just arrived, it’s actually the perfect time to start planning that autumn holiday! More and more countries continue to open their borders for visitors, and those that aren’t already welcoming tourists are closing in on their date to join the ranks. Rates and availability are often easier to come by in the fall months, when students are back to school and the summer rush has eased off. And with summers that are increasingly hot, the autumn weather is often more pleasant anyway!

Here at The Luxury Travel Agency, we’ve already got one eye on the best places for your autumn holiday. Here are some expert tips for planning the perfect one!

Autumn Travel

Autumn holidays can be just as good as summer ones – if not better!

Autumn Travel – European Delights

Europe is the quintessential destination for a summer holiday – who doesn’t love a sunny weekend on the French Riviera, or a clifftop villa in the Greek islands? Yet for all its summer charms, Europe has just as much to offer in the autumn months.

In Italy, the fall season sees a retreat from the coast and an emphasis on the inland treasures the country is so renowned for. Up in the Tuscan hills, autumn is harvest time, a period of great joy and celebration for all. Never are the fresh flavours of Tuscany more pronounced than they are in September and October, when truffles, chestnuts, and artichokes are used at the peak of their quality. You can also participate in the harvest efforts for wine (early autumn) or olives (late autumn), an experience that will have you feeling like a Tuscan yourself!

It’s a more pleasant time for exploring Italy’s cities as well. The strong summer heat that blankets Rome has lessened, making it easier to tick its many sights off your list. The galleries of Florence are plenty comfortable, and a day on the canals of Venice has no reason to end.

Autumn Travel

The rolling Tuscan hills grow even more glorious in the harvest months

In countries such as Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, autumn sees a confluence of beautiful scenery with fantastic festivals. The Bavarian Alps in southern Germany are the perfect place to enjoy the changing colours, with dazzling red and gold leaves blanketing the hills. The temperature for hiking is perfect: cool enough to stay comfortable, and warm enough to enjoy a full day outdoors. Of course, Oktoberfest is a big-time event for locals and visitors alike, with more than six million people attending the festival every year.

Autumn Holiday

It’s tough to beat an autumn stroll through the Bavarian Alps

Neighbouring Austria has an endless collection of charming hill towns, such as Hallstatt, whose altitude ensures plenty of sunshine well into autumn. And many people find Prague at its very best in early fall, as the trees along the river change colour and the heavier Czech foods become more suitable to the cooler weather. This is just the tip of the seasonal iceberg – we’re full of ideas, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Autumn Travel

It’s tough to tear yourself away from views of Vltava River coursing through Prague!

Autumn Travel – Thanksgiving Holiday

For our North American travelers, Thanksgiving represents an important time to get together with family. It’s also the perfect opportunity for a quick getaway to celebrate the holiday. Many properties will have special rates and packages for Thanksgiving guests, with bountiful dinners that take all the work out of your hands. Of course, as with any public holiday, it’s critical to book early – in fact, now is the time to start making those plans.

As the leaves change colour in October, Canadians have plenty of options for their Thanksgiving travels. Cottage country is a particular favourite for many, with the lakes and forests stretching across Ontario and Quebec holding secluded treasures by the bushel. If you don’t have a cottage of your own, don’t fret – we work with the very best rental companies who can provide you with the perfect fit for a family holiday. On the west coast, the mountains offer a smorgasbord of activities, with biking, hiking, ziplining, and wildlife tours just the start of your options. And on the Atlantic side of the country, visitors can experience a more nuanced autumn season. On Fogo Island, home to one of the world’s most unique hotels, the locals call this time of year “Berry Season” – one of the not four, but seven seasons marked by those living in this remote land.

Autumn Holiday

You won’t find a more dramatic location for family Thanksgiving than Fogo Island!

On the southern side of the border, Thanksgiving falls later in the calendar, but that doesn’t mean you should wait any longer to plan! It promises to be one of (if not the) busiest holiday seasons ever, with the pent-up demand for travel finally being released. While most ski resorts wait until just after Thanksgiving to open the slopes, there’s still plenty to enjoy with a visit to a town such as Aspen or Jackson Hole. Activities are plentiful, and the scenery alone is worth the trip. If you’re on the west coast, a flight to Hawaii is very reasonable for a long weekend – especially when you compare the costs over Thanksgiving to those over Christmas! You’ll be hard pressed to find any state with lovelier weather at that stage in the calendar.

Even if you’re just traveling a few states over to see the family, why not book a nice hotel to upgrade your trip? It’s the best way to ensure a comfortable holiday…not to mention the ideal hideout when you’re done with the big family gatherings. We have amazing Partner Hotels in every state, so no matter where you need to go, we’ve got a perfect fit for your Thanksgiving trip.

Autumn Travel

Thanksgiving in Maui gives one plenty to be thankful for

When it comes to planning your autumn holiday, earlier is always better – especially in a year which has completely  changed the travel landscape. Our expert Advisors at The Luxury Travel Agency know the best destinations that are welcoming visitors this autumn, and will plan a perfect journey to suit your every need. Contact us today to get started! 

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