The first day of spring is just around the corner, and promising news continues to pop up from our partners around the world. Vaccination rollouts are going smoothly, and many destinations are turning an eye towards re-opening. Which only means one thing: it’s time to start planning your summer holiday!

When countries begin accepting visitors, there’s going to be a global rush for spots at the best hotels and resorts. The only thing worse than not being able to travel is having no availability even when you can! That’s why we strongly encourage booking ahead of time, this summer more than ever. Most properties are still offering extremely flexible terms, so there’s no harm in securing a booking and simply cancelling if you need to. We’ve been receiving fantastic offers from our favorite Partner Hotels around the world, and we’d like nothing more than to have our clients enjoy them!

Summer Holiday

Can you guess where this stunning pink beach is? Clues below…

Summer Holiday: Mediterranean Magic

For a summer holiday with style, nothing can match a visit to the Mediterranean. A region long favored by the world’s tastemakers, it has everything you’re looking for in a luxury getaway: stunning scenery, elegant properties, mouthwatering cuisine, and an unrivaled social scene. While the last of these may be a touch reduced this upcoming summer, the Mediterranean remains an exceptional place to escape to – and many of its top destinations are busy preparing for just that.

Greece and her islands are a particular favorite for many. Mykonos parties are legendary, and the views from whitewashed Santorini suites are nothing short of magical. These two islands carry the tourism torch, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg; Corfu combines a unique set of cultural influences into a style preferred by the ultra-wealthy, while Crete offers historical and natural treasures alike.

Planning Summer Holiday

Corfu is just one of the countless Greek Islands deserving a visit!

Working north along the Adriatic offers a peek at some of the region’s best coastlines. Croatia and Montenegro have rapidly risen in stature as destinations of renown, the new “must-dos” for the summer holiday set. There may be no better place to rent a yacht and sail along the shores. With wonderfully preserved architecture, dazzling blue waters, and hundreds of islands to explore, this hotspot shows no signs of slowing down in the summers to come.

Summer Holiday

Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor is a treasure by land and sea

To the east, Turkey’s Muğla Province is just as stunning as its European neighbours. A number of coastal towns offer all the fine dining and shopping one could hope for, with resorts that celebrate the region’s charms. Bodrum and Marmaris are two of the finest seaside destinations you’ll find the world over! Whether you fill your days with activities or while them away on the beach, a perfect summer escape is yours for the taking. Most importantly: Turkey is already open for visitors, without any need to quarantine!   

Planning Your Summer Holiday

The beaches of Bodrum await their summer visitors – will you be among them? 

Summer Holiday: Captivating Caribbean

While many travelers might not equate a summer holiday with the Caribbean, it’s a region that actually has quite a lot working in its favour. As a tropical destination, temperatures don’t change all that much. It’s warm and inviting all year-round – and best of all, much of it is already open for travel!

The Turks and Caicos Islands are celebrated as one of the Caribbean’s finest locales for the sheer quality of their natural gifts. Most luxury properties are located on or nearby the island of Providenciales, with direct flights to major American cities such as New York and Miami. If you’re looking for romance and seclusion, there are few destinations in the world that rival the powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters found here. A few days in a beachfront villa will cure whatever ails you!

Summer Holiday

It doesn’t get much more idyllic than a Turks & Caicos beach!

The Dominican Republic is situated just to the south, and offers a wide range of vacation possibilities for travelers of all description. As one of the Caribbean’s larger islands, there’s plenty to do on land and off it. Families can entertain everyone from the grandparents on down at one of Punta Cana’s sprawling resorts, while couples will enjoy some of the more private hideaways scattered along the coast. Golf and horseback riding one day, sailing and scuba diving the next, always accompanied by the tropical sunshine – there’s plenty of opportunities for all.

Planning Your Summer Holiday

A day of Punta Cana golf is just one of the endless pursuits available in the DR

It’s not typically thought of as the Caribbean, but Mexico’s Riviera Maya region has long been a global hotspot for beach vacations. Mexico was one of the few countries to largely remain open through the pandemic, and their properties have developed finely-tuned procedures to keep guests safe while maximizing enjoyment. Everyone’s heard of Cancun, but there are world-class resorts all along the coastline, which deserve your attention in any season. Neither Mexico nor the Dominican Republic even require negative Covid-19 tests for entry!

Planning Your Summer Holiday

The striking ruins of Tulum are just one of the Riviera Maya’s treasures to discover

If you’re hoping to travel this summer, now is the time to start planning. You deserve a vacation, so let’s make sure you get one! Contact our team at The Luxury Travel Agency today to get started. Now matter how or where you travel, your safety is always our top priority. We have all the answers you need to embark on that much-needed getaway!