While the Vietnam of recent past was fraught with war and resistance against colonial forces, the nation today has seen rapid growth and globalization take root, as Vietnam taps into its spectacular cultural and culinary heritage along with its abundant natural resources. Although its neighbours Thailand and Indonesia get a larger share of the travel spotlight, it’s only a matter of time before Vietnam joins their ranks as a premier destination; it might be Asia’s best-kept secret (but not for long!)

Below, are a few of The Luxury Travel Agency’s favourite reasons to visit Vietnam:

1) The Food. Any conversation about Vietnam starts with the cuisine. Very few other nations can match their combination of health and taste; a “five-element” focus ensures that countless dishes are cooked with striking balance. Pho noodle soup is their most famous export, but this is only one of a staggering number of similar offerings that highlight the best of their respective regions. Banh Mi sandwiches, with bread inspired by the French style, can be found on every corner. The diversity of dishes, their ultra-fresh and healthy preparation, and the fun of exploring all your options through winding street markets come together to make Vietnamese food one of the world’s absolute best cuisines.

2) The Coast. Vietnam is blessed with over 3,200 kms of coastline stretching all the way down the eastern and southern edges of the country, providing travelers with a nearly endless supply of options to explore. In the north, world-famous Ha Long Bay enchants with its dreamlike maze of limestone cliffs. The central regions of Da Nang and Hoi An are home to huge swaths of beach that stretch for miles. And Vietnam’s southern islands, such as Phu Quoc, dazzle visitors with powder-soft sand that can match the quality of anything the rest of the world can offer.

3) The Mountains. On the western edge of Vietnam, away from the sea, rise clusters of stunning green hills and towering mountain peaks. In some areas, hill-tribes continue to live in villages as they have for generations, planting rice in jaw-dropping terraced fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. The Central Highlands region surrounding Da Lat is quite popular, but The Luxury Travel Agency puts the northern mountain town of Sa Pa on any must-see list. Trekking and motorbike riding through these hills, perched high above the green rice terraces in the valley, is an exercise in wondrous views and internal peace.

4) The Coffee. Vietnamese Coffee has established a global reputation, and upon your first sip, the reasons are clear. Strong, sweet, and best over ice, this drink is an integral cog in Vietnamese daily life. Cafés are everywhere (in fact, the Vietnamese word for coffee is ca phe), and everyone has their favourite. While the coffee itself packs a punch, it’s rarely enjoyed on the run; Vietnamese culture encourages a slow appreciation of their coffee (the slow-drip process certainly plays a role). In the capital city of Hanoi, “egg coffee” is a must – trust us, it’s much better than it sounds!

5) The Value. As a country undergoing sweeping changes in development and modernization, the strength of the Vietnamese currency (dong) is still quite low. Huge plates of delicious fried rice or noodles often go for $1 or $2 USD, and custom-tailored suits of quality can be had for $100. This means that you can relax at a sensational five-star hotel for a third of the price of the same property in Japan or Australia. Of course, prices will only go up as Vietnam gains more international renown – the time to go is now!

Vietnam holds a special place in our hearts at The Luxury Travel Agency – let us introduce you to this incredible land!

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