An update from The Luxury Travel Agency

During this worldwide pandemic and the onslaught of COVID-19, there has never been a more important time to work with a professional Travel Advisor at a reliable travel company.

While the world reels from the effects of COVID-19 and countries slowly start to reopen their borders, the vast number of rules and regulations that have been introduced to the traveling public has never been higher, nor have they ever changes so much, so quickly.

What is true today could change tomorrow. What is true to enter one country can vary from another country. And, what a traveler from one contrary is allowed or not allowed to go varies so much that some days it seems almost impossible to get the real facts.

Ask yourself this one question, “Why do I want to have the headache, stress and task of figuring out how, when and where I can travel when I can leave it all up to a professional Travel Advisor?”.  The answer is simple, there is no good reason for you to tackle this on your own!

Our team of Luxury Travel Advisors spend their days (and many nights and weekends) figuring all of this out. We have contacts around the world, we know where and how to get the answers. We take the stress out of travel planning so you can just worry about what to pack and what you want to do on your next vacation.


A beautiful sunset at Amanyara in the Turks and Caicos.


Luxury Travel in Capri Italy

Breakfast on the balcony at Capri Tiberio Palace

Why Book with The Luxury Travel Agency

We frequently have clients, or should I say, potential clients, ask, why should they book with The Luxury Travel Agency? Why not book directly through the hotels’ website, or through an OTA (On-Line Travel Agency) such as, Expedia or any one of the other hundred sites.

In addition to the chaos and stress of travel planning during this COVID pandemic, there are many reasons to work with a professional, Luxury Travel Advisor and we will discuss the benefits of booking just a hotel or resort below.  In another article, we talk more about working with The Luxury Travel Agency to plan a complete luxury holiday.

Where do clients of The Luxury Travel Agency come from?

Let’s start at our location and does it even matter?  Even though we are based in Toronto, with the internet and communication tools such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, we can book luxury hotels and resorts for clients from around the world. We have clients based in the USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, Russia, Dubai, London, The Netherlands, Germany, France and more!


Jade Mountain Resort, A Partner Hotel of The Luxury Travel Agency

Jade Mountain Resort, A Partner Hotel of The Luxury Travel Agency


The answer is really pretty simple! When you book one of our Partner Hotels, and there are over 2,000 of them, we do more than get you the most competitive pricing. The vast majority of the time, the price we offer, is the same as the “other guys”, but we offer you so much more… breakfast, hotel or spa or food and beverage credit, free Wi-Fi, room upgrades and the most important thing, VIP Status…. YOU benefit from OUR relationships!

The example I like to give is if you were to book an entry-level room at a Mandarin Oriental Hotel or a Peninsula Hotel, it will cost you $400-500/night, regardless of where you book.  In most cases, that gives you the room, nothing else.


Breakfast at a Peninsula Hotel

Breakfast at a Peninsula Hotel

Added value when booking with The Luxury Travel Agency

When you book that exact same room with The Luxury Travel Agency, you typically get over $200 of added value… at the same price!

Figure breakfast for two is easily $60-80, Wi-Fi is another $20, a nice Welcome Amenity, add another $30; plus a $100 Food and Beverage, Spa or Hotel Credit, you are already at over $200 of added value. And if we get you a room upgrade or a free night, the added value begins to soar!

Need an early check-in or a late check-out? Let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

And, we didn’t even talk about the VIP status! Who do you think they give the best rooms to? Yes, you are correct, their Preferred Partners. The worse rooms? They go to the clients that book on, Expedia or any other myriad of on-line sites.


Luxurious Properties in Asia

The spectacular blooms of autumn in Japan are one of countless reasons to head east

To recap, the benefits of booking with The Luxury Travel Agency:


      • Room upgrades when available
      • Free Breakfast
      • $100 Hotel or Food and Beverage or Spa Credit
      • Free Wi-Fi
      • Early Check-In/Late Check-Out, when available
      • Welcome Amenity
      • VIP Status

Benefits vary by hotel or resort, but the above is quite typical.

List of the main luxury hotel brands that The Luxury Travel Agency Partners with.

So, what is the catch of booking with The Luxury Travel Agency?

Nothing! The Luxury Travel Agency simply works hard to develop strong relationships with the best hotels around the world.  Our team spends more than four months on the road cultivating these relationships so that we can offer our clients the very best service and the most value for their money.

So, what is the difference between booking through The Luxury Travel Agency and an online travel agency? A LOT!

Contact us today and experience the difference for yourself!