If you have a passion for the finer things in life, only the world’s most luxurious properties will suit your travel desires. After all, part of travel’s allure is experiencing those beautiful, almost magical hotels and resorts that redefine what hospitality can be.

The Luxury Travel Agency is proud to call ourselves Partners with the world’s finest properties, from intimate chalets high in the Alps to private islands in the South Pacific and everywhere in between. These hotels and resorts combine elite location, award-winning design, and exemplary service to produce an experience that will forever leave an impact on the memories of those who stay there.

Luxurious Properties – Americas 

Perhaps more than any other country, the USA encompasses the greatest range of natural environments: evergreen forests, long coastal beaches, massive mountain ranges, and thriving cosmopolitan cities all coexist. Yet it’s the deserts in America’s west which offer some of the most unique travel experiences in the country.

Amangiri is one of our favourite luxurious properties

Desert View from a Suite at Amangiri


The crown jewel of such accommodation is found in the hauntingly beautiful Utah deserts, home to the Amangiri resort. The property stretches across 600 acres of unspoilt desert, surrounding by striking mountain and canyon formations. The Aman brand is globally renowned for their luxurious properties that seem to spring unbidden from their very surroundings – and Amangiri is no different. Low buildings of concrete and stone blend into the desert landscape; travel inside, and you arrive at a modern oasis. The clean, straight lines of the Suites are a minimalist designer’s dream, and several categories have private pools for beating the heat. A five-minute drive from the central resort brings guests to Camp Sarika, a collection of 10 one & two-bedroom tented pavilions, each with their own private pool terraces. With shared dining, lounge, and pool areas (in addition to those in your own Pavilion), Camp Sarika is a resort within a resort, the perfect ultra-luxe hideaway for your next vacation.

Of course, North America by no means holds a monopoly on stunning luxurious properties set amidst rugged landscapes. Seventy miles south of Mendoza, in the foothills of the Argentine Andes, sits the Casa de Uco Vineyards & Wine Resort. For lovers of the grape, there is no better pick for your next vacation. Like any great property in an incredible natural setting, Casa de Uco takes its inspiration from its surroundings. The modern design is crisp and unassuming, welcoming guests into a fresh environment that accentuates the best of the Uco Valley.

A top luxurious property in Argentina's wine region

Outdoors and indoors flow together at Casa de Uco


There’s a marked emphasis on the use of glass at the resort – after all, the destination is the real star, and the more you can enjoy it, the better! The handful of rooms, suites, and villas all employ regional wood in their flooring and furniture, providing travelers with a warm and almost earthy space to rest and relax from their adventures. That oft-used phrase, “sense of place”, is very much at work here. With such a small, intimate setting (only 18 room units in total), service is a real highlight of this property; staff can and will customize your stay exactly to your liking. Whether it’s horseback riding through the vineyards, cooking local dishes with an expert chef, or even white-water rafting down clear mountain rivers, Casa de Uco is your headquarters for the exploration of a lifetime!

Luxurious Properties – Europe & Africa

Across the Atlantic, the old-world European capitals exude a different kind of status, one born of history and power on a global stage. Few cities capture this magic like Paris does – and its plethora of luxurious properties attest to the fact. Visitors to the “City of Light” are spoiled for choice; from sprawling palatial hotels that echo the glamour of centuries past, to ultra-modern new designs on the forefront of French architecture, there is something for everyone, whether it’s your first time in Paris or your fifteenth.

One of the best luxurious properties in Paris

Hotel Lutetia is our top pick on Paris’ Left Bank


One of our favourite properties, recently visited, is the Hotel Lutetia. This is the only “Palace Hotel” – a special designation issued by the French government, for a handful of truly elite properties above a five-star designation – on Paris’ fabled Left Bank. Sure, there are more opulent hotels (such as the newly refurbished Ritz) and glitzier neighbourhoods (the shopping through Place Vendôme comes to mind), but for a true taste of Parisian life, the Left Bank has no equal. The historical home of the city’s great writers and painters, there is an omnipresent artistic sensibility in the air – one that extends to the Hotel Lutetia. While its façade is in the classical style, its interior smartly balances heritage and modernity. One restaurant offers diners a chance to enjoy a sumptuous meal under a dazzling stained-glass ceiling. Rooms and suites are draped in soft, rich blues and creams, balancing perfectly with dark oak floors, with some offering terraces that look out onto the Eiffel Tower. What more could you ask from a perfect Parisian experience?

From the urban jungle of Paris, we journey south to the real jungles – or more accurately, the savannahs – of South Africa. A multifaceted destination with lots to offer, South Africa is The Luxury Travel Agency’s top pick for many safari-goers, particularly first-timers; you’ll typically find the most luxurious properties here, and access is often simpler than similar experiences in Tanzania or Kenya.

The Luxury Travel Agency's most luxurious property for safaris

Natural light fills the Suites at Singita Sweni Lodge


When it comes to luxury safari experiences, the Singita collection stands above the rest – and their pair of lodges in Kruger National Park (perhaps the most famous safari destination) are properties of the utmost quality. Singita Sweni Lodge is the perfect introduction to “life in the bush” – and you won’t exactly be roughing it! Each of the seven unique suites are decorated with splashes of gold and bronze, with natural timber and floor-to-ceiling windows reminding guests of exactly where they find themselves. Ensconced within the treetops and overlooking the Sweni River, this property is glamour-meets-nature at its best. Nearby Singita Lebombo Lodge utilizes a simpler, darker palette in its design – but the luxury is just as prevalent. Inspired by the eagles’ nests built into the cliffs surrounding the river, the thirteen suites offer massive wooden decks from which to gaze out over the ancient landscape. A safari with Singita is a bucket-list item that, once enjoyed, will be forever etched into your memory.

Luxurious Properties – Eastern Hemisphere

A world away from the elephants of Kruger lies a very different sort of travel experience: that of the ryokan. In Japan, ryokans are traditional-style inns that are found throughout the country, particularly in areas offering natural hot springs. They range from the simple to the highly sophisticated; in fact, there may be no more luxurious properties in all of Japan than her very best ryokans. A particular favourite of ours is Gora Kadan, near the popular scenic town of Hakone, a mere 40-minute bullet train ride from Tokyo.

Luxurious property in Japanese countryside

Relaxing Zen atmosphere at Gora Kadan


Gora Kadan is a converted summer villa once used by the Imperial Family – so you know the setting is gorgeous. Tucked away within the forests of Hakone National Park, a stay here is an invitation to Zen. The culture of the ryokan is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. Mineral waters, naturally heated by the volcanic activity far below the earth’s surface, are fed into huge private baths (many of them outdoors on wooden decks or within gardens) that guests can use at their leisure. Breakfasts and dinners are carefully prepared in a traditional kaiseki style, with a huge range of dishes to taste and enjoy, all of which utilize local ingredients and thus change with the seasons. The Japanese people are renowned for their elegant hospitality, and this is nowhere clearer than at Gora Kadan.

Down under – way down under – we find the cosmopolitan city of Sydney, Australia. Sydney ticks all of the boxes a global traveler looks for: a thriving culinary scene, shopping across the spectrum, fantastic weather, and plenty of cultural opportunities. The Sydney Opera House is a global landmark, one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World”, and a can’t-miss attraction for any visitor.

The Luxury Travel Agency's top luxurious property in Sydney

Unrivaled views of the Sydney Opera House from the Park Hyatt Sydney


Which brings us to the best of Sydney’s luxurious properties: the Park Hyatt Sydney. There are plenty of excellent choices for accommodation in the city, but none have a location like this one. Situated on the tip of a peninsula in the venerated neighbourhood of “The Rocks”, the hotel faces the Opera House, directly opposite across the water. Guests are smack in the middle of all the waterfront action, while also enjoying the privacy that being out in the bay provides. At night, if you’re not already there attending a marvelous show, you can dim your room lights and watch as those of the Opera House light up in dazzling displays. There is no better place to start – or end – your South Pacific journey!

Each of these incredible properties is part of The Luxury Travel Agency’s vast Partner Hotel network, encompassing hundreds of properties across every continent. If it’s a notable destination, we know about it! At all of our Partner Hotels & Resorts, you’ll get the very best rates, plus complimentary benefits such as free breakfast, guided tours, spa credits, and much more! All for simply choosing The Luxury Travel Agency for booking your next trip.

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