Nothing says luxury living quite like your own private yacht. For decades, they’ve been the hallmark of tycoons and movie stars, a sparkling image of the good life. Who needs a waterfront view when you’re on the water itself? The freedom of movement a yacht affords is unmatched in the travel world, something that even the finest hotel or resort cannot offer.

Chartering a Yacht

The world is your oyster on a private yacht

If you’ve always dreamed of a private yacht journey, here’s the good news: you don’t need to own one to enjoy the experience! The Luxury Travel Agency partners with the world’s best yacht charter companies from Sydney to San Diego. Vessels of every size and description are yours to enjoy, ranging from intimate sailing sloops to behemoth superyachts that command any coastline. Let’s take a look at the essentials of chartering a yacht: the important parts, the perks, and the places to cruise!

Chartering a Yacht: Benefits on Board

Like any journey, the first decision you have to make is whether a private yacht is the best fit for your travel plans. The most obvious benefit of a yacht is the freedom of movement it affords. If you’re the type of traveler who loves being in a new place every day, there’s nothing that compares! With freedom of movement comes flexibility; if you decide you love a particular port or stretch of coastline, you can drop anchor and spend as long as you want, or pack up in a moment if a destination isn’t to your liking.

Yacht Charter

Come and go as you please – yachts provide ultimate flexibility

Of course, there are several parts to a yacht journey that must be carefully considered. Rooms are often smaller than the ones you’ll find on land, so be prepared for cozier quarters. There are also weather conditions to sail through – these rarely pose a problem (especially in more popular regions like the Mediterranean) but one should expect to develop their “sea legs”!

All in all, a private yacht is an impeccable choice for exploring in style. But what goes into a yacht charter? More than you might think…

Chartering a Yacht: The Particulars

Many travelers believe that booking a yacht is the same as booking a hotel room: you find a nightly rate that you’re comfortable with, and that’s the extent of it. Yet there are multiple components and costs which are unique to a yacht charter. Each of these must be carefully considered when looking for the best boat for your trip.

Chartering a Yacht

Dining onboard is just one of the expenses to consider for your yacht charter

For starters, each yacht does have a “charter rate”, which is often set on a weekly basis. There are also “expense allowances” which come in on top of the charter rate. This is broad category that typically includes food and beverages, fuel, and docking costs, among other expenses. Expense allowances can range from (but aren’t limited to) 25-35% of the charter fee itself, and are required upfront. At the end of the charter booking, you’re provided an itemized list of your actual expenses; if any money from the expense allowance is left over, it’s returned directly to you.

There are also “crew gratuities” to consider, for your captain and staff. The standard rate is 10-15% of your charter rate, depending on your opinion of their performance. This group is largely responsible for your wellbeing on board, and they deserve to be compensated appropriately!

Now that you know what goes into a yacht charter – let’s figure out where to sail!

Chartering a Yacht: The Coasts with the Most

The list of destinations for a yacht charter is as long as the world’s coastlines themselves. Of course, there are several factors that make for an ideal cruise. Sunny, stable weather is important for any vacation, especially when you’re out on the water. Even the most lavish yacht becomes less enjoyable when you’re trying to navigate churning seas. You also want a region with plenty of ports to stop at, for both practical (fuel and supplies) and entertainment (restaurants, shopping, activities) purposes.

Yacht Charter

The French Riviera is superyacht HQ

The Mediterranean has long been the cream of the crop for yacht enthusiasts, and for good reason. It ticks all the boxes listed above, with endless options for luxury coastline living. The Greek islands scattered through the Aegean Sea comprise a unique treasure chest to explore, each a jewel with its own unique character to explore. The Dalmatian Coast (think Croatia and Montenegro) is fast becoming a global favourite, with rustic islands and glittering beaches that stretch for miles. And of course, the French Riviera remains an iconic choice, with nearly half of the world’s superyachts visiting the region each summer.

Chartering a Yacht

The cobalt blues of the Caribbean Sea are hard to beat!

For those willing to think outside the box, a number of interesting destinations present themselves. In the right season, sailing the Caribbean Sea can be a journey through paradise, with idyllic beaches everywhere you turn. Southeast Asia also presents some stunning options, such as Indonesia, where Bali is only one of the massive string of islands stretching through the Pacific. Raja Ampat in particular is the best place to snorkel and scuba dive the world over. Australia’s eastern coasts also present plenty of opportunity, with the Great Barrier Reef among the region’s many highlights. The only real limit is your imagination!

Yacht Charter

Cruising the Sydney Harbour in your private yacht is a bucket-list item!

The Luxury Travel Agency has the knowledge and connections you need to make the most from your yacht charter, whether it’s your first or fiftieth sailing expedition. Our team can negotiate the very best rates and crew, while providing constant support before, during, and after your journey. Contact us today, and let us make your marine dreams come true!

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