In the city of Paris, style is of the utmost importance – you won’t get far without it! With this in mind, The Luxury Travel Agency is excited to announce the debut of The Parisian Apartment at the Mandarin Oriental, Paris, which will change the way you think about luxury accommodation. This brand-new 430 square-meter four-bedroom signature suite is one of the largest in all Paris. It’s an elegant and remarkably spacious apartment that has gorgeous views of the hotel’s lush inner garden, along with the surrounding rooftops of the City of Lights – entirely designed to feel not like a fancy suite for tourists, but a true Parisian home done in impeccable taste.

Mandarin Oriental Parisian Apartment

If your best friend was a famous Parisian designer…


The Parisian Apartment: Designer’s Dream

At The Parisian Apartment, guests have plenty of options for utilizing their seemingly endless space. The suite is equipped with four luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms, an airy reception area, a luminous dining room and a fully equipped kitchen. Astonishing interior design is inspired by the Haussmann and Art-Déco styles in equal portion. Unique touches are everywhere: leather-bound doors evoking Chinese antiquity, curated pieces from celebrated local artists, and even the delectable “Coeur de Paris” tea, made exclusively for Apartment guests alone.

Mandarin Oriental Parisian Apartment

Sliding doors offer layout options – though the single-block marble bathtub is a must!


The Parisian Apartment: A Triumphant Terrace

For all its interior charms, the true highlight of the Apartment may be its private outdoor terrace. Spanning 230 square meters, the space echoes the neighbouring Tuileries Gardens in its classical French style, with an astounding array of planters and pots that transform the tree-lined terrace into a true urban oasis. Constantly updated to match the season, this is a space sure to impress all who visit – there’s truly nothing else like it in all of Paris!

Luxurious Properties in Paris

Imagine a French garden all to yourself – the Terrace is that and more!


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